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Sign - Advertises "Carhart" work clothes.  This paint on board sign features two pre-hard hat steel workers in Carhart attire.  It measures 14" x 11" and has great graphics.
ID#:  ADV-B-164
adv160.gif (6986 bytes) Sign - metal with wood interior supports, this Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco sign measures 58-1/2" x 36".  This sign is from the 1930's-40's and is in good shape with the exception of 4 holes which were made a long time ago by someone for the purpose of mounting it on a building.  Otherwise it is in very good condition.
ID#:  ADV-21-160
adv145.gif (5925 bytes) Counter top display - lighted, molded plastic construction with metal bell.  Advertises "Early Times Old-Style Kentucky Bourbon", "Ring for Early Times".  This piece is about 19" tall and 12-1/2" wide.  Designed and produced by Embosograph Display Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL 60614.  There is a crack on top of display, please note photo.
ID#:  ADV-25-145
adv148.gif (4910 bytes) Oil can - five U.S. Liquid Quarts, "National EN-AR-CO Motor Oil", a product of the National Refining Company.   It features a little boy in Knickers holding a sign that reads "National Products Famous Since 1882".  Can less contents.
ID#:  ADV-4-148
adv150.gif (5413 bytes) Shoe store shoe polish display.   This item is made of painted tin and advertises "2 in 1 Shoe Polish, 10 cents".  This dispenser comes with one vintage can of polish.  The product is labeled in both English and Spanish.  The polish is mfg. by F.F. Dalley Co. Limited, Buffalo N.Y., Hamilton, Ont.  It stands about 13-1/2" tall and 4-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  ADV-D-150
adv152.gif (6341 bytes) Tobacco tin - vertical pocket size, "Honey Moon Tobacco", made by the Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes Barre, PA.  This tin features a man sitting on the moon.  The tobacco was sold for both pipe & cigarette use.  It measures 4-1/2" x 3" x 1".
ID#:  ADV-D-152
adv153.gif (6414 bytes) Razor blade display - For SOS Double Edged Blades.  This display carton comes with the complete supply of 20 packages of blades.  It was made by Norwalk Razor & Blade Co., Newark, N.J.  When closed the carton measures about 5-1/2" x 4".
ID#:  ADV-D-153
adv144.gif (5313 bytes) Log Cabin Express, this item was used to convert an empty log cabin syrup tin into a pull toy.  It comes with its original box and a New Log cabin tin.  It measures 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  ADV-21-144
adv141.gif (5361 bytes) Stein, the "Bud Man", this is the 1st edition of this popular collectible.  The piece is marked "Ceramarte...Made in Brazil".  It measures about 7-1/2" tall.
ID#:  ADV-13-141
adv143.gif (5267 bytes) Countertop display for "The Clinic Shoe Registered US Pat. Office & Canada...for young Women in White.  The piece measures about 22-1/2" tall.
ID#:  ADV-54-143
adv138.gif (6783 bytes) Biscuit tin - mfg. in the form of a lunch box, has double swing handles, top and sides decorated with Snow White dancing with the dwarfs.  This tin was made in Switzerland around 1939.  It measures about 8" x 5" x 4".  The overall condition is good, but the piece does have several abrasions and small dents.
ID#:  ADV-2-138
adv140.gif (6445 bytes) Tin pail with lid and bail - this Canco lithographed candy pail features a bunny called Peter Cottontail eating candy.  What he could not eat he put into the pail and ran out the door.  The diameter is about 3" and the pail, less the bail, stands about 3" tall.  It is in good condition, but has normal wear.
ID#:  ADV-D-140
adv136.gif (6087 bytes) Anheuser Busch, Inc hand crafted stein part of the Budweiser endangered species line.  It is the first issued and features the bald Eagle from 1989.  Stands 6-1/2" tall.
ID#:  ADV-13-136
adv130.gif (3454 bytes) Broch and Kessel of Solingen Germany pocket knife.  Handle is inlaid with the ship M.S. Westerdam.  Knife measures 3-1/4" long when closed.  Blades are made of Stainless steel.
ID#:  ADV-55-130
adv125.gif (7376 bytes) Tin and glass sign advertising Wheat Flour made by Occident Flour from the Russell-Miller Milling Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota.   This sign shows the seven different steps used to make the wheat to flour.   Measures 14" x 9".
ID#:  ADV-D-125
adv126.gif (6186 bytes) Jay-Gee syrup bottle.  Syrup Mfg. by John Graf Co., Milwaukee, Wis.  Comes with original measuring cap.  This early bottle has the label under glass and measures 12-1/2" with cap.
ID#:  ADV-D-126
adv127.gif (6082 bytes) Lemon Life syrup bottle.  Syrup Mfg., by John Graf Co., Milwaukee, Wis.  This early bottle has the label under glass and measures 12" tall.
ID#:  ADV-D-127

adv123.gif (7271 bytes)

1913 calendar "Answering the Call" by Philip R. Goodwin, compliments of L.C. Chase & Co.  This large piece measures 37" x 18", including the calendar.  Excellent condition with full pad.
ID#:  ADV-21-123

b69michman.gif (6936 bytes)

Tuff plastic figure of the Michelin man.   He is holding his arms up and will hold a full sized tire above his head.   Some roughness to fingers and black specks on plastic from being outside.   Probably missing paper banner across his chest.
ID#:  ADV-69-00

b21sunoco.gif (6659 bytes)

Blue Sunoco bank.  This tin bank is in the form of a gasoline pump and measures approximately 4" tall.
ID#: ADV-21-84

b21panama.gif (7225 bytes)

Panama typewriter ribbon tin.  Bronze ribbon.  Made by Manifold Supplies Co., Brooklyn NY.  Some light scratches to the lid.
ID#: ADV-21-85

b21cadillac.gif (3363 bytes)

Cadillac pocket knife.   Two blades.  Measures 5" long when open.
ID#: ADV-21-91

b95miles.gif (6671 bytes)

Circa 1930's Progress in Transportation pamphlet.  Compliments of Miles Laboratories, Inc., Elkhart, Indiana.
ID#: ADV-95-94

b95rexall.gif (7106 bytes)

Rexall Ko-Ko-Kas-Kets laxative tin.  Measures 2-1/4" x 1-1/2".
ID#: ADV-95-96

b70leader.gif (6543 bytes)

The Leader Traction Engines and Separators trade card.  Features two cats under an umbrella.  Given out compliments of Marion Mfg. Co., Marion Ohio.  Measures 4" x 3".
ID#: ADV-70-98

b70traction.gif (6507 bytes)

The Leader Traction Engines and Separators trade card.  Features two cats under an umbrella.  Given out compliments of Marion Mfg. Co., Marion Ohio.  Measures 4" x 3".
ID#: ADV-70-99

b91miles.gif (7055 bytes)

1905 Dr. Miles matted and framed calendar.  Features a young girl.  frame measures 12" x 10".
ID#: ADV-91-100

b4keds.gif (6615 bytes)

Keds Hand book of Sports booklet.  Published by the makers of Keds (shoes), United States Rubber Co., 1925.   Mfg. by the Surprise Merchandise Co.
ID#: ADV-4-101

b80cawston.gif (6633 bytes)

Celluloid top to brush promoting Cawston Ostrich Farm in California.  Very unusual item.
ID#: ADV-80-105

b49dental.gif (8644 bytes)

Dental Sweet Snuff can.  Manufactured by the American Snuff Company, Memphis, Tenn.  Measures 5" tall and is the 5 oz. size.  Original price was 65 cents!  Unopened with the original contents.
ID#: ADV-49-66

b49dixie.gif (8307 bytes)

Dixie Sweet Snuff, New Fruit Flavor snuff can.  Manufactured by the tobacco division of Helme Products, Inc., Helmetta, NJ.  Measures 5" tall.  Can is the 5 oz. size with original contents.
ID#: ADV-49-67

b55planters.gif (6865 bytes)

Planters Peanuts serving spoon, unmarked except for an "r" in a circle.  Brass finish and measures 5" long.
ID#: ADV-55-70

b55hires.gif (5900 bytes)

Drink hires Lighter, Drier, Brighter pinback button.  Made in USA and measures 3" in diameter.
ID#: ADV-55-71

b55drew.gif (6807 bytes)

Drewerys brand Lucite beer tapper.  Measures 3-3/4" long.
ID#: ADV-55-77

b557up.gif (2917 bytes)

Windup type wrist watch advertising 7-up.
ID#: ADV-55-78

b95green.gif (6064 bytes)

Tennessee Ernie Ford sings the Green Giants favorite songs in the record called "When Pea-Pickers Get Together".   Comes with original mailing envelope.
ID#:  ADV-95-81

Cloth advertising doll for Ceresota Flour in excellent condition.  Measures 13" tall.
ID#:  ADV-243-64

Esso-Exxon tin windup tiger use in their advertising promotions.  Good working order and condition.  Measures 8" tall.
ID#:  ADV-4-59

Holiday Stein series, the Coca-Cola Company's 2nd Edition.  Presented by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  Made by Ceramarte, Brazil.  Comes with original box and numbered 04030.
ID#:  ADV-13-62

Borden's Elsie the Cow charm.  Made of metal and measures 1" long.
ID#:  ADV-55-56

Golden Wedding Coffee tin, drip grind in the 1 pound size.
ID#:  ADV-21-46

Dixie Queen Plug Cut tobacco lunch box tin.  Paint loss to top, please click here to view.
ID#:  ADV-21-52

Figural pin of a plow, used to promote John Deer plows.  Made of metal and measures 2" long.  Please click here to see photo of back side.
ID#:  ADV-95-28

Souvenir plate advertising the St. Mary's Church Bazaar of Rockwood Michigan.  Children flying an airplane and trying to cover the man in the moon with a blanket.  Measures 7-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  ADV-64-26

Circa 1950's Pepsi-Cola bottle cap sign.  Measures 28" in diameter.
ID#:  ADV-13-21

Advertising clock for Girard Perregaux "Official Watch Capital Airlines".  Works and measures 20" X 16".    
ID#:  ADV-55-10
Tropicana Orange! Am-FM radio.  It works!  Orange plastic, the straw is the antenna.                                     
ID#: ADV-94-4

Squadron Leader Mixture Tobacco tin.  Very nice shape.
ID#:  ADV-91-8

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