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a92.gif (6923 bytes) Ribbon picture - The picture is done on black cloth using floss and ribbon.  This vintage piece has a framed measurement of about 11-1/2" x 9-1/2".
ID#:  A-85-92
a93.gif (5909 bytes) Print - Portrait of a young lady and signed Frances Brundage.  This piece has framed measurements of 15" x 13-1/2".  This is an original Brundage print, not a reproduction.
ID#:  A-8-93
a95.gif (6982 bytes) Pastel - This early unsigned pastel comes in a wonderful gold painted frame.  The overall framed measurements of this landscape are about 28" x 24".
ID#:  A-71-95
a96.gif (6679 bytes) Gouache painting of farm house by the artist F. Lewis and dated 1915.  This painting has a framed measurement of approximately 21" x 14".  This charming painting would be a wonderful addition to any home.
ID#:  A-11-96
a98.gif (6483 bytes) Watercolor - This seascape is done by the artists H. J. Williams and is professionally matted and framed.  The overall framed measurements are 22-1/2" x 18-1/2".  The title of this piece is "The Thames at Hammersmith".
ID#:  A-6-98
a99.gif (6421 bytes) Intaglio print titled Deusite and done by the artist E. Peycere, dated 71 and marked 46/100.  This has a framed measurement of 34" x 26".
ID#:  A-11-99
a101.gif (7664 bytes) Oil - Oil on board done by Indiana artist W.A. Eyden.  This painting's framed overall measurements are 36" x 26".   A very lovely landscape.
ID#:  A-65-101
a74.gif (6165 bytes) Print - Wallace Nutting.  This photo is framed and hand colored.  It is titled "Evergreen Arch" and measures 7" x 9".
ID#:  A-44-74
a75.gif (6368 bytes) Print - Wallace Nutting.   "Broad Brook" is the name of this hand colored photo.  It measures 11" x 7".
ID#:  A-44-75
a76.gif (6513 bytes) Print - this hand colored photo was done by Wallace Nutting and is titled "The Coming Out of Roses".  It measures 11" x 13".
ID#:  A-44-76
a77.gif (6616 bytes) Print - Hand colored photo by Wallace Nutting.  This is titled "The Book Suttle" and measures 9" x 15".  It is copyrighted 1909 and has an early pencil signature.
ID#:  A-44-77
a78.gif (6648 bytes) Print - This hand colored photo is titled "All Smiles" and is signed Wallace Nutting.  It measures 13" x 15" and is dated 1913.
ID#:  A-44-78
a80.gif (6684 bytes) Print - This hand colored photo is by Wallace Nutting.  It is untitled (similar to "All Smiles".  It measures 6" x 8".
ID#:  A-44-80
a81.gif (6007 bytes) Print - "The Cup that Cheers" is the title of this hand colored photo that measures 11" x 14".  By Wallace Nutting.
ID#:  A-44-81
a82.gif (6416 bytes) Print - This framed hand colored photo by Wallace Nutting is 10" x 12" and is titled "Braiding a Straw Hat".
ID#:  A-44-82
a83.gif (6499 bytes) Print - This hand colored photo by Wallace Nutting is titled "A Nuttingham Nook".  It measures 14" x 17", dated 1909 and has an early pencil signature.
ID#:  A-44-83
a84.gif (6509 bytes) Print - This Wallace Nutting hand colored photo measures 13" x 16" and is titled "Sunshine and Music".
ID#:  A-44-84
a85.gif (6487 bytes) Print - This signed Wallace Nutting hand colored photo is title "In Tender Leaf".  It measures 17" x 12".
ID#:  A-91-85
a87.gif (6599 bytes) Print - This Wallace Nutting hand colored photo is titled "Eplm Rino".  It measures 13" x 11".
ID#:  A-91-87
a89.gif (7542 bytes) Print - This Edmund H. Osthaus print measure 18" x 14" less the matting and frame.  The subject is "Joe Cumming" and dated 1899.  This piece was then copyrighted 1907 by E. I. Dupont De Nemours Power Co.  There is a small touch up to a spot on the lower left corner and crease to the lower right corner.
ID#:  A-91-89
a71.gif (6165 bytes) This specially framed print was used to cover the hold in the wall on the interior during the summer when the heating stove had been removed and is called a flue cover.  This is an extremely large example at 14" in diameter and features a cherub deep in thought.
ID#:  A-91-71
a63.gif (6821 bytes) Wallace Nutting hand colored photo titled LaJolla and dated 1912.  Framed size is 18" x 22-1/2".
ID#:  A-241-63
a66.gif (7509 bytes) Watercolor on paper by American artist John Henry Crossman, 1897-1970 of a man, girl and horse landscape.  This watercolor measures 26-1/4" x 20-1/4".
ID#:  A-57-66
a67.gif (6824 bytes) Engraving by Donald Witherstein titled "Ancient town of Floijac-France".  Framed size is 18: x 14-1/2".
ID#:  A-57-67
a69.gif (6754 bytes) Signed watercolor on paper by A. Gerald Mayo featuring a landscape with a couple riding side by side on horses.  Overall framed size is 19" x 15".
ID#:  A-57-69
a46.gif (6892 bytes) Wallace Nutting hand colored photo titled "Watersmeet".  One very small stain to bottom left corner of matting.   Measures 18" x 22".
ID#:  A-44-46
a48.gif (6857 bytes) Wallace Nutting framed hand colored photo titled "Windsor Blossoms".  Measures 14" x 17".
ID#:  A-44-48
a51.gif (5877 bytes) Wallace Nutting silhouette signed E.J. Donnelly.  Lady looking at statue.  Framed size is 9" x 8".
ID#:  A-44-51
a53.gif (7505 bytes) R. Atkinson Fox print called "Promenade".  Framed.  Measures 14" x 22".
ID#:  A-44-53

b95grant.gif (6973 bytes)

Pair of engravings featuring "Grant In Peace" and "Schuyler Colfax".   Published by John Dainty, engraved by AB Walter.  Frames are gesso over wood with some chipping.
ID#: A-95-38

The Old Oaken Bucket small folio size by Currier and Ives.  Some staining, but strong color.  Measures 13-7/8" x 11-7/8".
ID#:  A-55-25

Original illustrator art.  Cover design by Danny Crase for the paperback edition of "Diamond of Deceit", written by M.L. Gamble and published by Harlequin.  Comes with a copy of the book itself.  Measures 20" x 13".
ID#:  A-55-15

R. Atkinson Fox print - "Great Fall of Yellowstone", copyright Brown and Bigelow, St. Paul Minn., in the original frame.  Measures 8" x 9-1/2".
ID#:  A-44-18

Framed Jesse Wilcox Smith print.  Young girl praying.  Measures 11" x 8".                                                       
ID#:  A-91-7

Framed R. Atkinson Fox print.  "An Approaching Storm".  Measures 15" x 6".                      
ID#:  A-44-9

Framed Print.  "Cupid On Deck - A Maneuyre".  Copyrighted 1898 by the Gray Lith Co., N.Y.  Measures 26" x 22".
ID#:  A-8-12

Japanese woodblock print signed Khogyo.  Framed size:  21" X 16".
ID#:  A-99-5
Framed Wallace Nutting hand colored photo.  Measures 11" x 14". 
Titled "From a Friend".
ID#: A-44-2
Framed pastel of ship on beach.  Framed size is 19" X 26".  Artist signed L.E.G.                                                                 
ID#: A-93-4

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