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Carnival glass bowl - This 9" green Coin Dot pattern bowl features a 3 in 1 edge.  It sits 2-1/2" high.
Carnival mug - This blue carnival glass mug was made by the Fenton Glass Company and has the Orange Tree pattern.  The base measures 3" across.
Carnival bonbon - This double handled bonbon is in the Stippled Ray pattern by Fenton.  It measures 7" wide handle to handle.  It is amethyst in color.
Carnival Vase - This beaded bullseye vase was made by the Imperial Glass Company.  It is amethyst in color and measures 9-3/4" tall.  The base is 3-1/4" across and the top flares out to 5".
ID#  G-30-635
Footed Bowl - This peach opalescent bowl measures about 7" across.  It was made by Duncan Glass and is in the Paneled Cherries pattern.
ID#  G-44-594
Hat - This carnival glass hat was made by Fenton Glass.  It is green, stands about 3" tall and features the Peacock Tail pattern.
ID#  G-44-595
Bowl - This carnival glass marigold bowl is in the Apple Blossom pattern by Dugan Glass.  It measures about 7" across.
ID#:  G-65-597
Bowl - This green carnival bowl is in the "Persian Medallion" pattern.  It measures 8-1/2" across.
ID#:  G-93-599
Bowl - This green carnival bowl was made by the Fenton Glass Company.  It features the Thistle pattern and measures 8-1/2".
ID#:  G-44-586
Milk Pitcher - The pitcher features the Star Medallion pattern by Imperial Glass.  It is Marigold in color and measures 5-3/4" to the top of lip.
ID#:  G-54-588
Vase - This blue vase was made by Fenton Glass.  It is 12-1/2" tall and features the April Showers pattern.
ID#:  G-44-590
Vase - This white carnival vase was probably made by the Northwood Glass Company.  It is in the Tree Trunk pattern and measures 11-1/2" tall.
ID#:  G-30-592
Compote - This compote is in the "hearts and flowers" pattern.  It is ice blue in color and measure 6" tall.
ID#:  G-91-593
Bowl - This green bowl measures about 8-1/2".   Made by Northwood and features the Strawberry pattern.  The backside has a Basket Weave pattern.
ID#:  G-91-573
Compote - This compote was made by Northwood.  It is the Hearts and Flowers pattern and stands about 5-1/2" tall.  It is in the white color.
ID#:  G-9-574
Bowl - This hat shaped amethyst bowl was made by Fenton.  It measures 5-3/4" across and stands about 3-1/4" tall.
ID#:  G-25-575
Vase - This amethyst colored vase was made by Northwood.  It features thin ribbing and stands about 11" tall.
ID#:  G-25-576
Bowl - This Marigold bowl measures 8-1/2".  It is in Millersberg Peacock at the Urn.  It features a ruffled edge.
ID#:  G-44-577
Bowl - This Captive Rose bowl features a ruffled edge.  It is amethyst in color and measures about 7-1/2".  It was made by Fenton.
ID#:  G-91-580
Dresser Tray - This green tray features the Grape and Cable pattern by Northwood.  It measures about 7" x 11".
ID#:  G-91-581
Plate - This Northwood plate is amethyst in color and features the Three Fruits pattern with a Basket Weave pattern on the back.
ID#:  G-44-582
Rosebowl - This amethyst rosebowl is in the Wreath of Roses pattern by Nugan.  It stands about 3-1/2" tall.
ID#:  G-44-583
Cologne bottle - This amethyst cologne bottle with stopper is in the Grape and Cable pattern by Northwood.  It measures about 9" tall.
ID#:  G-91-584
g541.gif (6486 bytes) Bowl - This footed bowl is in the Two Flower pattern.  It is marigold color and measures about 10" in diameter.   Fenton made this bowl with three ball shaped feet.
ID#:  G-46-541
g543.gif (6021 bytes) Dish - This Kitten dish was made by Fenton and has two sides that turn up.  It measures 4-1/2" in diameter and the playful kittens are drinking from a bowl.
ID#:  G-44-543
g544.gif (6367 bytes) Bowl - This marigold colored carnival bowl features cherries.  It has a ruffled edge and three clear ball feet.  It measures about 8" in diameter and stands 3-1/2" tall.
ID#:  G-46-544
g547.gif (6111 bytes) Bowl - This 8-1/2" Amethyst bowl is eight ruffle on the edge.  It was made by Fenton Glass and features the Dragon and Lotus pattern.
ID#:  G-44-547
g548.gif (6476 bytes) Bowl - This Marigold colored bowl is in the Peacock and Grape pattern.  It measures about 9" and was made by Fenton.
ID#:  G-8-548
g550.gif (6548 bytes) Bowl - This Ribbon Tie bowl is in the Amethyst color.  It has a three in one edge and measures 8-1/2" inches in diameter.
ID#:  G-8-550
g531.gif (6390 bytes) Bowl - This 8-1/2" bowl is made by Northwood and it is in the Strawberry pattern with a Basketweave exterior.  It has a pie crust ruffled edge.  The amethyst color is outstanding.
ID#:  G-44-531
g533.gif (6346 bytes) Covered Butter Dish - This Iris and Herringbone covered butter is Marigold color.  It is depression glass and measures about 6" in diameter.
ID#:  G-35-533
g534.gif (7322 bytes) Bowl - Three fruit are featured on this dark amethyst footed bowl.  The underside is so dark it looks black.  It measures about 8-1/2".
ID#:  G-97-534
g535.gif (6548 bytes) Mug - This is a Stork and Rushes pattern mug in the amethyst color.  It stands about 4-1/4" tall.
ID#:  G-65-535
g538a.gif (6348 bytes) Bowl - This Dragon and Lotus bowl was made by Fenton and measures 8-1/2" in diameter.  It is cobalt color and in the icecream shape.  The color is wonderful.
ID#:  G-44-538
g538.gif (6725 bytes) Spittoon - This carnival color glass spittoon is a pale gold color.  It stands 4" tall and is about 7" in diameter.
ID#:  G-46-539
g509.gif (6147 bytes) Millersburg green bowl in the Grape Wreath pattern with a feathered leaf center.  Measures 7" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-509
g510.gif (6739 bytes) Northwood amethyst souvenir plate in the Grape and Cable pattern and  Basket-Weave exterior.  It is etched St. Joe, Mich, Goldie.  Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-510
g513.gif (6473 bytes) Northwood green bowl in the Grape and Cable pattern with a Basket Weave exterior.  Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-513
g514.gif (6804 bytes) Northwood amethyst bowl in the Grape Leaves pattern with a Wild Rose exterior.  Measures 8-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-514
g515.gif (6505 bytes) Dugan amethyst bowl with ten ruffles edge and in the Wild Flower pattern.  Measures 8-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-515
g516.gif (5732 bytes) Imperial Glass Co marigold pitcher in the Tiger Lily pattern.  Stands 8-1/2" tall.
ID#:  G-54-516
g517.gif (6405 bytes) Blue tumbler in the Stork and Rushes pattern.  Stands 4" tall.
ID#:  G-54-517
g519.gif (6181 bytes) Fenton Glass Co green bowl with ruffled edge in the ribbon tie pattern.  Measures about 8" in diameter
ID#:  G-54-519
g429.gif (6945 bytes) Marigold water set with Sueded panels consisting of pitcher and four tumblers.  Each piece has the molded Imperial Glass mark in the bottom interior. 
ID#:  G-90-429
g430.gif (7319 bytes) Green marked Northwood bowl in the Strawberry pattern with basket weave exterior and features the pie crust edge.   Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-430
g412.gif (7461 bytes) Carnival glass plate in Three Fruits pattern.  Horehound color.  Measures 9" in diameter.
ID#:  G-91-412
g416.gif (7162 bytes) Carnival glass bowl in Thistle pattern.   Marigold color.  Measures 9" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-416
g419.gif (7372 bytes) Carnival glass three footed bowl in Water Lily pattern.  Marigold color.  Measures 9-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-44-419
g376.gif (7498 bytes) Fenton bowl in Vintage Leaf pattern.   Amethyst color.  Candy ribbon edge.  Measures 7-3/4" in diameter.
ID#:  G-90-376
g382.gif (6811 bytes) Northwood pitcher and tumbler set   decorated with cherries and little flowers.  Cobalt glass.  Pitcher measures 10" high.  There are 4 tumblers.
ID#:  G-91-382
g385.gif (7562 bytes) Fenton bowl in Cosmos Variant pattern.   Marigold color.  Measures 10" in diameter.
ID#:  G-15-385
g389.gif (5914 bytes) Fenton bowl in Dragon and Lotus pattern.   Red glass.  Measures 9" in diameter.  This rare piece does have a chip out of the outer edge.
ID#:  G-8-389

g390.gif (6998 bytes)

Dugan spade shaped nappy in Leaf Rays pattern.  Marigold color.
ID#:  G-25-390

b49peacock.gif (10472 bytes)

Fenton Carnival glass bowl in the Grape and Peacock pattern.  Amethyst in color and measures 9" in diameter.
ID#:  G-49-204

Peach Opalescent Carnival glass plate in Four Flowers pattern.  Measures 6-1/2" in diameter.  There is damage to foot, please click here for close-up.
ID#:  G-91-100

Amber Carnival glass bowl with turned up reticulated edge in Blackberry pattern, Basketweave exterior.  Measures 6-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-8-101

Clear glass with Marigold Carnival Bonbon footed dish, Question mark Pattern.
ID#:  G-25-103

Marigold Carnival glass bowl ion Vintage pattern.  Measures 7-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  G-25-104

White carnival glass plate in the Garden Path pattern by Dugan.  Measures 6-1/2" in diameter.                    
ID#:  G-91-28

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