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dc121.gif (5607 bytes) Doll, Skookum, marked "Trade Mark Registered Skookum (Bully Good) Indian, U.S.A. Patented."  This 10-1/2" tall Indian squaw with papoose has wooden feet covered with leather boots.
ID#:  DC-14-121
dc122.gif (6481 bytes) Doll, Skipper, Barbie's little sister made by Mattel, Inc.   This doll comes with a Skipper box dated 1963.  The doll has straight legs and has been played with.
ID#:  DC-3-122
dc119.gif (5466 bytes) Gnomes - This pair of gnomes is made by Annalee Mobilitee Dolls of Meredith N.H.  The white tags with red lettering are dated 1979.
ID#:  DC-99-119
dc117.gif (5960 bytes) Baby Dish - made by Keeling & Co., Ltd, England, part of a line referred to as "Losol Ware".  The idsh measures about 7-1/2" in diameter and features teddy bears playing cricket, golf, archer and skating.  A great baby dish.
ID#:  DC-91-117
dc114.gif (7087 bytes) Kiddie Kraft necklace and bracelet set in the original presentation box.  The necklace is a hinged heart shaped locket.  Both items are 12Kt gold filled.  The bracelet measures 1-1/2" in diameter.  The clasp on the bracelet is weak.
ID#:  DC-33-114
b91tst.gif (5800 bytes) Baby feeder dish featuring a child with a food bowl and small boy feeding a lamb.  Marked "Made in USA and TST".  (Taylor Smith & Taylor).  Measures 7" in diameter.
ID#:  DC-91-92
b91yelbeetle.gif (7731 bytes) Walt Disney Ent cereal bowl marked Beetleware on the bottom, given out by Grape Nuts Flakes, Post's 40% Bran Flakes.  Features Mickey Mouse in the bottom of the bowl and the ABC's along with the numbers 0-9 molded into the edge.   Measures 5-1/2" in  diameter.
ID#:  DC-91-95
b91redbeetle.gif (7525 bytes) Walt Disney Ent cereal bowl marked Beetleware on the bottom, given out by Grape Nuts Flakes, Post's 40% Bran Flakes.  Features Mickey Mouse in the bottom of the bowl.  Measures 5" in  diameter.
ID#:  DC-91-96
bmpam.gif (6379 bytes) Baby Ware by Pan, Brentleigh Ware, Statfordshire England baby feeder dish featuring a rocking horse.  Measures 7-1/2" n diameter.
ID#:  DC-M-101
b91syracuse.gif (5609 bytes) Three piece child's eating set consisting of a cup, plate and bowl.  Plate and bowl each measure 7" in diameter, the cup is 2-3/4" tall.   Each have a matching design and pink trim but the plate is marked CP CO, Syracuse China, the bowl is marked Buffalo China and the cup is marked Iroquois China.
ID#:  DC-91-103

b65hertel.gif (5577 bytes)

Hertel, Schwab & Co doll, mold 151, bald head with painted hair and sleep eyes.  Some repair to hands.  Measures 19" long.
ID#:  DC-65-108

b91carriage.gif (7282 bytes)

Victorian wood doll carriage with stenciled sides and wooden wheels.  Fringe on surrey top is replaced.  Measures 28" tall to the top of handle.
ID#:  DC-91-110

b22horse.gif (6375 bytes)

Celluloid horse, probably made in Japan in excellent condition.  Measures 3-3/4" tall and 4" long.
ID#:  DC-22-64

b100redpan.gif (7424 bytes)

Dollhouse furniture pressed tin red dust pan.  Minor paint shipping and corrosion is present.  Measures nearly 2" wide.
ID#:  DC-100-70

Pair of Oriental dolls, a man and woman.  Each sits demurely on a closed book stand.  Very nice detail and early.  Beautifully done heads with egg shell finish.  Each measures about 6-1/2" tall.
ID#: DC-80-59

Staffordshire Pottery Hoath of Vitrock England baby feeder dish.  A basket full of golliwogs.  Measures 6-1/2" in diameter.  Transfers of various animals around the outer edge.
ID#:  DC-91-60

Hertel Schwab toddler boy doll #154 with closed mouth.  Bisque head and composition body.  Excellent condition.  Measures 19" tall.  Please click here for close-up of face.
ID#:  DC-91-48

Half doll, china.  Signed Germany.  Measures 3-1/4" tall.
ID#:  DC-N-43

Half doll, bisque.  Signed Made In Germany 435.  Measures 2-3/4" tall.
ID#:  DC-5-44

Half doll, bisque with hair wig and jointed arms.  Unsigned.  Measures 1-3/4" tall.
ID#: DC-5-46

Half doll, china.  Signed Germany.  Measures 3" tall.
ID#:  DC-8-37

Half doll, china.  Signed Germany 8030.  Measures 4" tall.
ID#:  DC-8-39

Half doll clothes brush of Colonial woman.  Pink trim, pink colored brush.
ID#:  DC-N-32

Half doll, composition with blond wig.  Signed Germany.  Measures 6" tall.
ID#:  DC-8-35

Half doll clothes brush of dog with blue ribbon.  Natural color brush.  Marked Made In Japan.
ID#:  DC-N-33

Half doll clothes brush of Colonial woman.  Yellow trim, natural color brush.                                                                                
ID#: DC-N-31

Mickey Mouse Kiddy Hankies in original box.  Excellent condition.                                                                                              
ID#:  DC-3-23
Popeye - 1930's celluloid rattle, King Features - good condition.
ID#: DC-M-7

Indian Doll in original costume marked C E S in a triangle.  Measures 8-1/2" tall and in good condition.               
ID#:  DC-80-10

Armond Marseille 390.  All Original - 11 inch child doll.  Some paint loss on forehead.
ID#:  DC-91-11

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