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cp375.gif (4789 bytes) Figurine - made by Paragon Fine Bone China, Made in England, "Lady Marilyn".  She stands about 7-1/2" tall and has a repair to her shawl.
ID#:  CP-5-375
cp373.gif (6196 bytes) Puzzle plate with lithopane answer to the question.  "The Pedro Play ... Where is the fourth man."  This unusual shaped item measures about 5-1/4" x 5-1/4".  The piece features three men seated at a card table waiting on the fourth.
ID#:  CP-55-373
cp344.gif (6350 bytes) Lladro figurine titled The Flower Arranger, featuring a Japanese lady arranging flowers in a vase.  Stands about 7-1/2" tall.
ID#:  CP-6-344
cp346.gif (6491 bytes) Double handled vase marked Victoria Carlsbad Austria featuring a classical scene and is signed Kaufman.  There is some wear to the gold.  Measures about 11-3/4" tall.
ID#:  CP-8-346
cp354.gif (6085 bytes) J.C. Bavaria plate made for the Geo. H. Bowman Co of Cleveland Ohio.  Features a basket of Cherries and is artist signed.   Measures 9-3/4" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-354
cp340.gif (5798 bytes)

Elfinware covered trinket box decorated with tiny blue forget-me-nots and pink and yellow Roses.   It is about 3" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-340

cp320.gif (6642 bytes) This pierced charger marked Victoria Carlsbad, Austria features three young ladies surrounded by five medallions of which each features a cherub.  This piece does have some wear to the gold trim and measures 12" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-71-320
cp295.gif (6089 bytes) Creamer and Sugar by Royal Albert Bone China from England in the Kentish Rookery pattern.  This set carries reg. no. 816998 with the mark.  It is decorated with English garden scenes.
ID#:  CP-65-295
cp268.gif (8136 bytes) Framed porcelain plaque of a beautiful girl with flowers in her hair, measures 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and numbered 373.   In addition, it has a partial paper label that reads "Germany".  The plaque comes framed in a heavy ormolu frame which is stamped Depose.
ID#:  CP-91-268
cp258.gif (6740 bytes) Hand painted tray decorated with pink and burgundy Roses.  Marked Elite L France and measures 8" x 12".
ID#:  CP-83-258
cp245.gif (6124 bytes) Blue Willow patterned covered dish by Allertons, England.  Base measures 11" x 9".
ID#:  CP-35-245
cp231.gif (6555 bytes) Spoon tray used to hold small spoons at the table, marked IPF Germany.  Measures 7" long.
ID#:  CP-79-231
cp236.gif (6506 bytes) Double handled cracker jar decorated with yellow roses and luster trim marked Germany.  Measures 6 1/2" to top of finial.
ID#:  CP-90-236
cp222.gif (6498 bytes) Royal Copenhagen of Denmark bust featuring a young woman's head covered by a scarf.  The head and neck are unglazed, the scarf is glazed and in shades of blue, green and purple.  The piece is artist signed and measures 13" tall.
ID#:  CP-65-222

cp216.gif (6234 bytes)

Very unusual Humpty Dumpty stamp licker.   Made in England and measures 5" tall.  Small paint flakes on two spots.   Very hard item to find.
ID#:  CP-M-216

cp217.gif (7100 bytes)

ES Germany tray featuring a cour scene, tiffany finish on edge, much gold trim and beading as well.  A very few beads missing, a beautiful fluted edge.  Measures 10-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-8-218

b55vernon.gif (8341 bytes)

German plate featuring Mount Vernon Mansion, Virginia.  Pierced for hanging.  Measures 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-55-197

b100collins.gif (7671 bytes)

Hand painted Haviland and Co., Limoges plate.  Signed Helen W. Collins-Warren and dated Nov 29, 1888 on the back.   Measures 7-1/4" across.
ID#:  CP-100-199

b5leach.gif (6451 bytes)

Limoges France hand painted Pickard pitcher, artist signed Leach with heavy gold trim and handle in a Waterlily motif.   Measures 5" tall.
ID#:  CP-5-202

b5nappy.gif (8320 bytes)

Bavaria hand painted Nappy artist signed "Osborne".  Has a lovely palm tree scene.  Measures 7-1/2" across.
ID#:  CP-5-180

b91dress.gif (6509 bytes)

Bavarian three piece dresser set, consisting of the tray, pin tray and covered jar.  All three pieces are crown marked Bavaria and artist signed.  Pin tray has a black speck in the making.  Dresser tray measures 11-3/4" x 7-1/2".
ID#:  CP-91-171

b99heu.gif (6638 bytes)

Pair of Heubach Dutch girl and boy figurines.  Marked with the sunburst and HC.  They measure approximately 7-1/2" tall.
ID#:  CP-99-157

b25friend.gif (7102 bytes)

Very hard platter to find, made in England by Johnson Bros called "The Friendly Village".  Measures 20" long.  It is a great buy for anyone trying to finish out a set of this very collectible dinnerware.
ID#:  CP-25-158

b91boypick.gif (6025 bytes)

Figural Germany toothpick in the shape of a boy's head.  He sports a green hat and reddish orange neck scarf.  This piece measures 2" tall.
ID#:  CP-91-154

Royal Bonn vase marked Germany, with a portrait of a lady.  Hand painted and artist signed, Bohme.  Beautiful with cobalt blue and gold trim.  Measures 12" tall.  Please click here for photo of markings.
ID#:  CP-241-96

Mettlach hanging plate with castle scene, "Stolzenfels".  Measures 12" in diameter.  Please click here to see mark.
ID#:  CP-49-92

Osborne China Studio, 24K plate with courting scene.  heavy Gold border.  Floral with green trim.  Measures 11" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-8-31

German dresser box, lady in plum colored dress.  Measures 2-1/2" tall.
ID#:  CP-5-45

Royal Vienna charger, marked with Blue Beehive.  Pierced for hanging.  Man with maiden and child.  Measures 11-3/4" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-5-46

Greeen marked Belleek 6" vase with dolphin handles.  No chips, cracks or repairs.
ID#: CP-65A-7

Victoria Austria with combination of hand painting with transfer.  Spring girl with flowers, pierced for hanging.  Measures 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-19A

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