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Side table designed by Gilbert Rhode for Herman Miller Co of Zeeland, Michigan.  This piece was made for presentation at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, Ill.  It has a stamped metal tag affixed to the inside of the drawer which shows the fair logo and other information stated above.  The original finish has a minor stain on top and there is some minor chipping of the veneer.   The drawer is made to open from either side of the table.
ID#:  WF-91-6

New York World's Fair sweetwater grass novelty tray.  Features an insert in the bottom picturing the trylon and perisphere key building at the fair.
ID#:  WF-91-57

St. Louis Fair pocket match safe with cigar trimmer.  Features the Machinery Building and made by the National Novelty Company.
ID#:  WF-91-54

Exposition of 1878 souvenir coin purse.  Features Mother of Pearl front and back sides.
ID#:  WF-91-48

1934 World's Fair Chicago pamphlet, a memento in pictures commemorating your visit.  "Live power show of Standard Oil".
ID#:  WF-55-45

Complete set of  1934 Century of Progress Official views of the fair playing cards.  Manufactured exclusively for Henry Fenenbode and Company, photographs by Kaufmann Fabry.
ID#:  WF-91-31

Silk souvenir hanky of the San Francisco Exposition of 1915.  Features the Tower of Jewels.  Embroidered name Georgia Morlain on one corner.  Several small holes.
ID#:  WF-55-34

Granite ware ashtray "1934 Chicago World's Fair, Charles".  Red with black center decoration and edge.  The piece is 5-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  WF-8-30

Copper ashtray from "A Century of Progress Chicago 1933", with original mailer.  "Souvenir of Chrysler Motor Exhibit".  Mailed from the fair using a 1-1/2 cent stamp.
ID#:  WF-55-23

Glass shoe with a bow, molded into the interior of the shoe is "Gillinder Centennial Exposition".  This piece dates 1876 and is 5" long X 2" wide.  It does have some chips, please click here for view.
ID#:  WF-8-24

"World's Fair 1893" rose bowl, peach blow art glass.  It measures 3-3/4" tall and is in excellent condition.  The lettering was applied in gold.
ID#:  WF-8-25

1934 World's Fair, A Century of Progress souvenir.  Half doll with original ribbon and box, marked Germany.
ID#:  WF-243-12

1904 St. Louis World's Fair granite ware mug, lots of chips, priced accordingly.  Please click here for another view.
ID#:  WF-8-13

1940 World's Fair, New York, Jasperware type vase, marked Japan.  Measures 5" tall.
ID#:  WF-243-14

1939 World's Fair, New York, Jasperware type vase, marked Japan.  Measures 3" tall.
ID#:  WF-243-15

1933 World's Fair, Chicago, deck of playing cards with the original box.
ID#:  WF-90-16

1933 World's Fair, Chicago, Century of Progress thermometer.  "Havoline Tower", made by the Ohio Thermometer Company, Springfield, Ohio.  Measure 4-1/2" tall.
ID#:  WF-243-18

1934 World's Fair, Chicago, unusual ramp walker with Celluloid head and arms.  Measures 6" tall.  Please click here for another view.
ID#:  WF-243-19

1904 St. Louis World's Fair flue cover.  Some paint loss to reverse painting, backing water damaged and written on with magic marker.  Measures 5-3/4" in diameter.
ID#:  WF-8-1

1904 St. Louis World's Fair Sterling souvenir spoon.  Festival Hall and Cascade Gardens.
ID#:  WF-55-2

1958 Brussels World's Fair Sterling bottle opener.
ID#:  WF-55-3

1939 World's Fair card table.  Some roughness and one water spot.  Difficult item to find.
ID#:  WF-91-6

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