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p510.gif (7489 bytes) Console Set - This three piece set was made by Hull Pottery.  It is in the Wildflower pattern.  The bowl is about 12" long, the holders each hold 2 candles and measure about 7" long.
ID#:  P-8-510
p491.gif (6798 bytes) Vase - This pink and blue vase was made by Hull Pottery.  It is marked W-5-6 1/2".  It features yellow and white flowers as well as double handles.
ID#:  P-241-491
sold22.GIF (2744 bytes)
p492.gif (6518 bytes) Vase - This cornucopia vase was made by Hull Pottery.  It features pink and yellow flowers and is marked.
ID#:  P-241-492
p479.gif (6824 bytes) Basket - This Hull Art Pottery basket was made in the 1950's and features a spray of grapes and a grapevine handle.  It stands about 8-1/4" tall and is about 8" wide.
ID#:  P-44-479
p460.gif (6020 bytes) Wall pocket - made by Hull Pottery, and done in the Royal Woodland pattern and numbered W12 - 7 1/2", Hull, USA.
ID#:  P-15-460
p371.gif (6747 bytes) Hull Pottery double handled vase in the Tulip pattern.  Marked Hull USA 100-33-10".
ID#:  P-H-371
p372.gif (5889 bytes) Hull Pottery ewer in the Dogwood pattern.   Measures 6-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-H-372

p315.gif (6420 bytes)

Hull Pottery basket in the Bow Knot pattern.  Marked B25-6 1/2.
ID#:  P-93-315

b1ewer.gif (6140 bytes)

Hull Pottery ewer marked Hull W24-13 1/2", USA.
ID#:  P-1-266


bh3028.gif (6341 bytes)

Double Handled Hull Pottery vase in the Orchid pattern.  Marked Hull USA 302-8"
ID#: P-H-202
sold22.GIF (2744 bytes)

bh3098.gif (6213 bytes)

Hull Pottery ewer in the Dogwood pattern.  Marked 309-8 1/4".
ID#: P-H-204

bh1386.gif (5905 bytes)

Hull Pottery vase in the Open Rose pattern.  Marked Hull USA 138-6 1/4".
ID#: P-H-208

Hull Pottery vase in the Poppy pattern.  Marked 607-8 1/2".  Matte finish.  Retains original paper label.
ID#: P-101-149

Hull Pottery vase in the Open Rose pattern.  Marked 102-8 1/2".  Matte finish.
ID#: P-101-150

Hull Pottery vase in the Wildflower pattern.  Marked W-9-8 1/2".  Measures 8-1/2" tall with matte finish.
ID#: P-90-144

Hull Pottery electric kitchen clock with a Sessions clock movement.  Some crazing to the case.
ID#:  P-101-105

Hull wall pocket in the Bow Knot pattern.  Marked "B-26-6".  Please click here for photo of mark.
ID#:  P-H-75

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