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j89.gif (6850 bytes) Pin - made by Trifari, the gold tone rose shaped pin has a pearl in its center.  The pin measures 2-1/4" long.
ID#:  J-55-89
j90.gif (6761 bytes) Pin - done in the form of a flower and marked Sterling and is gold washed.  The pin measures 2-1/2" x 2".
ID#:  J-55-90
j91.gif (6162 bytes) Pendant - marked International Sterling, the piece oval shaped and features an open rose.  It measures 2" x 1-1/2".
ID#:  J-55-91
j92.gif (5556 bytes) Pin - marked Peru and 925.  This silver pin is in the form of a man blowing a musical instrument and measures 2-1/2" tall.
ID#:  J-55-92
j93.gif (5707 bytes) Pin - the maker is Coro.  It is in the form of two leaves and measures 2" x 1-1/4".
ID#:  J-55-93
j94.gif (7750 bytes) Pin - done int he shape of a horse and marked Sterling.  The piece measures 1-3/4" x 1-1/2".
ID#:  J-4-94
j95.gif (6210 bytes) Brooch - the piece is made of porcelain and decorated with hand painted forget-me-not flowers.  The pin measures 2-1/2" x 2".
ID#:  J-90-95
j97.gif (6310 bytes) Pin - marked "Monet", this gold tone pin int he shape of a bumble bee measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/4".
ID#:  J-90-97
j102.gif (6493 bytes) Cross - This Bakelite cross measures 1-3/4" tall and features seven stanhopes which contain various religious scenes.
ID#:  J-91-102
j103.gif (5306 bytes) Pin - Christmas pin - snowman.   Marked "Gerry".  He measures 2" tall.
ID#:  J-80-103
j104.gif (6180 bytes) Necklace made of Bakelite in colors of yellow and brown.  This piece measures 16" long.
ID#:  J-4-104
j105.gif (6432 bytes) Tie clasp and cuff link set, made by Los Castillo, Mexico.  This sterling set features dancing stylized nudes.  Cuff links measure 1" x 3/4".
ID#:  J-11-105
j106.gif (6670 bytes) This figural butterfly pin is made of gold tone metal with seed pearls and blue and purple sets.  The pin measures 2-1/4" x 2-1/4", marked Avon.
ID#:  J-241-106
j107.gif (6339 bytes) This figural pin features a horseshoe and whip, it is marked Sterling and measures 2-1/2" long.
ID#:  J-4-107
j108.gif (5131 bytes) This pin is made of black onyx and features a flower with seed pearls.  This item is circa 1880's and measures 2-1/4" long.
ID#:  J-61-108
j109.gif (7674 bytes) This cameo bracelet features seven different carved cameos of mythological scenes.  Each cameo measures about 1" x 3/4", the overall length is 8{.  All cameos are mounted in 800 silver.
ID#:  J-85-109
j110.gif (7273 bytes) This clip is marked Eisenberg original and features emerald green color stones and drops.  The piece measures about 3" x 2".
ID#:  J-85-110
j111.gif (5400 bytes) This watch chain is made of hair work with gold tone metal connections.  The piece features a small pencil fob in the middle.  This item measures about 14" long.
ID#:  J-61-111
j112.gif (5143 bytes) Cross and chain.  The cross is made of table work hair and measures 1-1/2" x 2" and is circa 1890's.  The chain appears to be a newer replacement.
ID#:  J-61-112
j113.gif (6127 bytes) This cameo locket is made of gutta percha and features a woman's head in relief.  The piece measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/2".
ID#:  J-61-113
j114.gif (6643 bytes) A dark blue jasperware pin marked Wedgwood and also marked with the letter "J".  This piece measures 1-1/2" x 1".
ID#:  J-8-114
j115.gif (6186 bytes) A clear Lucite necklace measuring 24" long featuring various geometric shapes.
ID#:  J-241-115
j116.gif (7078 bytes) These Mexican Sterling (970) are each formed in the shape of a comma.  They were made by Antonio Pineda and measures 1-1/4" long.  They have a screw on back.
ID#:  J-11-116
j78.gif (7772 bytes) Trifari black enameling on a gold colored crown pin.  Measures 2" long.
ID#:  J-33-78
j80.gif (6421 bytes) B. David Rhinestone and Pearl crown pin.  
ID#:  J-33-80
j81.gif (5906 bytes) B David Rhinestone clip-on earrings from the 1950's. 
ID#:  J-33-81
j82.gif (7371 bytes) Coro Craft gold tone pin with clear rhinestone, measuring 3" long.
ID#:  J-33-82
j84.gif (6208 bytes) Hobe crystal cluster pin, measures about 2" long.
ID#:  J-33-84

j85.gif (5491 bytes)

Coro art modern gold tone bird, set with stones.  Measures 2-1/2" long.
ID#:  J-33-85

j5570.gif (7661 bytes)

Lucite backed pin with an applied molded black cameo.  The hardware is imbedded in the lucite and NOT glued in.  Measures 3-1/4" and 2" high.
ID#:  J-55-70

j5571.gif (6730 bytes)

Unmarked clip earrings in the form on an African Native woman.  They are metal with a plastic painted insert and measures 1-1/4" high.
ID#:  J-55-71

j5572.gif (7691 bytes)

Sterling Danecraft round pin with a cut out floral design.  Measures 2-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  J-55-72

j5573.gif (8135 bytes)

Sterling pin in a bouquet of flowers.   There is much hand work in this piece.  Measures 3-1/2" long and 2-1/4" wide.
ID#:  J-55-73

j5576.gif (7383 bytes)

Sterling Coro pin, gold wash with sets.   Pin measures 3-1/4" long and 2-1/4" wide.
ID#:  J-55-76

j5577.gif (8017 bytes)

Sterling dangle earrings marked 925, RA, Mexico.  The sterling bases are inlaid with shell work and are a screw on type.   they measures 2" long at the longest point.
ID#:  J-55-77

b18pinnino.gif (7081 bytes)

Sterling Pinnino brooch with Rhinestones and two stylized flowers.  Blue stones with red centers.  Measures 2-1/2" tall and 2" wide.
ID#:  J-18-68

b33cameos.gif (3279 bytes)

Three real cameos are on this bracelet.  1/20 - 14K gold filled.  Measures 6-1/2" long.
ID#:  J-33-69

b44fob.gif (8630 bytes)

Ladies watch fob, only marking is a monogrammed "F".  Measures 2" long.
ID#: J-44-45

b44tin.gif (5423 bytes)

Tintype of two men are mounted in this brass colored frame pin.  Measures 1-1/2" across.
ID#: J-44-47

behecho.gif (3884 bytes)

"Hecho En Mexico", "Taxco" "925" "RBR" are the markings on this 7" long x 1-1/2" wide bracelet.  Sterling is inset with Mother of Pearl. 
ID#: J-E-50

b92kramer.gif (7760 bytes)

Pair of Kramer clip on style earrings.   Silver metal done in moderne shape.
ID#:  J-92-53

b90spider.gif (7115 bytes)

Pin in the shape of a spider.  Gold color metal with blue stones.  Marked CZECHO.  Measures 2" wide.
ID#:  J-90-54

b96elginwatch.gif (7125 bytes)

Elgin 17 jewels pocket watch with a swing out works.  Has a sweep second hand.  Measures 2" wide.  Runs.
ID#: J-96-56

behaskell.gif (7379 bytes)

Miriam Haskell faux Pearl clip style earrings in Gold tone setting.
ID#: J-E-57

b33monetset.gif (6947 bytes)

Monet Sterling Gold tone pin and earring set.  Earrings are clip style.  Pin measures 3" long.
ID#: J-33-60

b33crown.gif (8300 bytes)

Trifari black enamel crown pin.  Measures 2" wide.
ID#: J-33-61

b33monetpin.gif (8446 bytes)

Monet Sterling gold washed deco pin.  Measures 2" long.
ID#: J-33-62

b96birdset.gif (7987 bytes)

Mexico Silver pin and earring set in the shape of a bird.  Green stone in belly.  Pin measures 2-1/4" long.
ID#: J-96-63

1940's Coro scatter pin.  Silver knocker and hand. 
ID#: J-33-37

Swiss made character watch of Dale Evans.                                                                                                                                          
ID#:  J-101-32

1940's Coro trumpet pin with stones.
ID#:  J-33-35

b33coropin.gif (4553 bytes)

Sterling Silver Coro pin with Hemite.
ID#:  J-33-36

Swiss made Swatch.  It does work.
ID#:  J-55-27

Swiss made character watch of Mr. Peanut.  It does work.
ID#:  J-55-29

1984 character watch of Ronald McDonald in original unopened packaging.  Made in Hong Kong.
ID#:  J-101-30

Rice Krispies character watch with Quartz movement.  Shows all three characters.
ID#:  J-94-31

1964 Mattel character watch of Barbie.  Swiss made and it does work.
ID#:  J-55-23

Mickey Mouse character watch with flowers made in Hong Kong, it does work. 
ID#:  J-55-24

Diver's Swatch.  Depth markings on band.  It does work.
ID#:  J-55-26

19th Century carved shell Cameo in framed marked rolled gold. 
ID#:  J-4-1

Large pink stones in this earring set signed Napier.  With the original card.                                                                    
ID#:  J-33-4

Red and pink Rhinestone pin and earring set.  Unmarked.                                                                                                                         
ID#: J-92-10

Baketlite bar pin.  Center is apple juice color with small white flowers.                                                                 
ID#: J-241-12

Bakelite horse pin in butterscotch color.  Riveted back.
ID#: J-241-13

Bakelite owl pin on carved wood branch.  Owl is green in color.
ID#: J-241-14

Butterfly Rhinestone pin.  Marked Kenneth Lane.
ID#: J-241-15

World War II Sweetheart pin.  Holds soldier's photo.  Door opens under the arrow.           
ID#: J-241-16

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