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k211.gif (6089 bytes) Salt & Pepper shakers - Thumper made by Goebel, Germany for Walt Disney.  These shakers are numbered G359 and measure about 2-1/4" tall.  Each shaker has it's original paper label.
ID#:  K-D-211
k210.gif (6840 bytes) Metal chocolate mold in the shape of a long billed duck.  It is hinged and made up of two sides and a bottom.  All of the clips are intact and work.  Stands about 7" tall.
ID#:  K-4-210
k209.gif (6622 bytes) Landers, Frary & Clark of New Britain Conn, USA, table top model Universal Churn in an unusual size.  Stands about 7" high excluding the clamp and handle and is about 4-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  K-52-209
k200.gif (7447 bytes) Tailor iron marked 14 for 14 lb weight and the letter C in a shield.  Measures about 9" long.
ID#:  K-95-200
k201.gif (7135 bytes) D. Root & Co. of Indianapolis Ind early cast iron kettle.  Marked with the number 89 on the lid as well.
ID#:  K-95-201
k193.gif (6225 bytes) 19th Century  pine grain painted sugar box with iron sugar cutter, probably American.  It measures 12-1/2" long x 9" wide and 6-1/2" tall.  There is some damage to the paint, but it is all original.  Also, the lid has sustained some damage over the years and the repairs were done long ago!
ID#:  K-57-193
k183.gif (6370 bytes) Circa 1945-1947 McCoy Pottery "Clown" cookie jar, measures 10-1/2" tall.
ID#:  K-4-183
k191.gif (5921 bytes) Unmarked cookie jar in the form of a female Chef's head made of heavy pottery and measures 8" tall.
ID#:  K-4-191
k174.gif (6502 bytes) Tin coffee pot with wooden knob on top of lid.  Measures 9-1/2" tall.
ID#:  K-1-174
k176.gif (7267 bytes) Four piece stainless steel coffee set consisting of a 13" tray, coffee pot and creamer and sugar.  It is marked Suprema, Stainless Steel, Made in England.
ID#:  K-53-176
k178.gif (7379 bytes) Chicago Flexible Shaft Co Domestic Electric Iron.  It is metal with a wooden handle.
ID#:  K-66-178
k156.gif (5526 bytes) Montgomery Ward electric mixer with original glass measuring cup base that holds 3 cups.  Stands 9" tall.   Runs, but needs to be re-wired.
ID#:  K-72-156
k160.gif (6507 bytes) Green handled rubber blade glass or window cleaner by Arrow Manufacturing Company.  Measures 6" across the blade and is 5-1/4" long.
ID#:  K-55-160
k161.gif (6911 bytes) Teapot marked Sheffield E.P.N.S. with Hardened Metal Fittings.  Stands 8" tall to top of ebony finial.
ID#:  K-55-161
k162.gif (6481 bytes) B.W. Buenilum aluminum 5 piece chaffing dish with wooden handle and measures 12" tall with a diameter of 9".
ID#:  K-55-162
k163.gif (6821 bytes) Griswold No 3 meat grinder with a wooden handle.
ID#:  K-1-163
k165.gif (7058 bytes) Single blade chopper with a black painted wooden handle.  The blade is in the shape of a 1/2 moon and is 7" wide.
ID#:  K-72-165
k135.gif (6347 bytes) Fiesta teapot, medium size in turquoise.   Measures 6-1/2" tall with lid.
ID#:  K-31-135
k139.gif (7151 bytes) Dark brown teapot marked Japan 6 with gold trim and the word Tea on the side in gold.  Measures 6" tall.
ID#:  K-73-139
k141.gif (7132 bytes) Made in Japan teapot in a beautiful cobalt glaze with gold trim.  Measures 5-1/2" tall including lid.
ID#:  K-73-141
k144.gif (6488 bytes) Made in Japan teapot with an underglaze painting of oriental floral motif with a bamboo handle.  Measures 5" tall to top of lid.
ID#:  K-43-144

k131.gif (6551 bytes)

Fiesta vase in Red glaze.  Measures 10" tall.
ID#:  K-31-131

k132.gif (6474 bytes)

Fiesta vase in Ivory glaze.   Measures 8" tall.
ID#:  K-31-132

bffirkin.gif (7031 bytes)

Wood firkin with original old red paint.   Wire and wood bail.  Some chips.  Measures 8" tall and 8" in diameter.
ID#:  K-F-128

b241sprinkler.gif (5176 bytes)

Ceramic Mammy sprinkler featuring black mammy in maid's outfit with hands on hips.  Original sprinkling plus comes out of the back of her head.  Unmarked and measures 7" tall.
ID#:  K-241-117

Souvenir of Florida novelty salt and pepper set of two seashells.  Measure 3" long.
ID#: K-73-110

Hard plastic, ball point style U.A.Kasin Molded Products, L.A. CA. salt and pepper shakers.
ID#:  K-11-113

Hull Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shaker set.  Measure 5-1/4" tall.
ID#: K-79-98

Japan novelty salt and pepper set of clown woman and man with hats.  Hand painted china.
ID#: K-73-101

China roses with butterflies salt and pepper set.  Sit in a china stone wall frame.
ID#: K-72-102

Plastic lime green salt and pepper set on camel with salmon holders as humps.  Measures 4" long adn 2-1/2" tall.
ID#: K-73-104

Japan salt and pepper shaker set of blue six petaled flowers.  Made of ceramic.  Measure 2" tall.
ID#: K-73-105

Unmarked ceramic salt and pepper shaker set in dark green in the shape of Callalily Bloom.  Measures 2-1/2" tall.
ID#: K-73-106

Unmarked ceramic salt and pepper shaker set shaped as steins.  Souvenir of Los Angeles.  Measures 2-1/2" tall with cork closures.
ID#: K-73-107

Hard plastic novelty salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of Roses.  One is red the other is yellow.  Measures 2-1/2" tall.
ID#: K-73-110

National No. 8 cast iron skillet.                                                                                                                                    
ID#:  K-44-87

Griswold cast iron gem pan, marked with only the number 2.  Holds eleven pieces.
ID#:  K-39-81

Manning-Bowman and Co of Meriden Conn., deco style space heater.  Good condition.  Tan and brown case with wood handle.
ID#:  K-70-55

Son-Chief of Winsted Conn toaster.  Chrome with black handles.  Two drop down sides, each holds one slice of bread.  Good condition.
ID#:  K-50M-57

General Electric waffle iron in an art deco style.  Comes with cord and measures 12" long x 9" wide.
ID#:  K-55-65

West Bend Company electric coffee percolator.  Comes with cord, nine cup capacity.
ID#:  K-55-67

Granite ware teapot in a very unusual lavender colored exterior and a white interior.  Marked Elite, Czecho-slovakia.  Measures 6-1/2" tall.  Please click here for photo of marking.
ID#:  K-70-50

Oak construction with metal banding butter churn.  Dasher type.  Measures 4 feet high, including insert.
ID#:  K-66-51

American Bisque cookie far from the Flintstone cartoon called the "Rubble House", featuring Barney and Betty Rubble in their home.
ID#:  K-96-52

Fiesta ivory bowl.  Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  K-35-40

Fiesta, Kitchen Kraft cobalt cover jar.  Measures 6" high.
ID#:  K-8-42

Fiesta yellow bowl.  Measures 6-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  K-65A-47

Fiesta medium green bowl.  Chip on base rim.  Measures 6-1/4" in diameter.  Click here for photo of chip.
ID#:  K-65A-48

Nasco (National Silver Company) Cookie Jar - Chef with paper label, very difficult to find without damage.
ID#:  K-91-37

Yellowware pudding mold with fluted edge.  Has an ear of corn at the bottom. Measures 7" long.               
ID#:  K-96-18

Wooden based coffee grinder with dovetailed construction.  All original.
ID#:  K-3-20

Roseville mixing bowl.  Cream in color with a gray banding.  Measures 11-1/2" in diameter.                           
ID#:  K-H-22

Electric waffle iron made by Estate Stove Co. of Hamilton, Ohio.  White granite ware.                                                     
ID#:  K-3-28

Gray Granite melon mold.  Marked #140.  Measures 5" wide with handle and 6-1/2" long.
ID#:  K-90-14

Milk Glass rolling pin with wooden handles.  Marked Imperial Mfg. Co., Cambridge USA, patent July 25, 1921.
ID#:  K-35-15

Barrel Butter Churn No. 0-3 Gallons, Standard Churn Co., Wapakoneta, Ohio.  Has original Stand.
ID#:  K-91-12

1950's set of three Cranberry cutters with original box and instructions from Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce.
ID #:  K-41-5

Set of two 1974 Peanut's valentine cookie cutters.  Made by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
ID #:  K-94-8

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