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m92.gif (7005 bytes) Vase - marked Silver Crest, bronze on bronze with a bird motif.  This piece measures about 6-1/2" tall.
ID#:  M-11-92
m89.gif (6797 bytes) Silverplate Dionne Quintuplets spoon set by Carlton Silverplate.  The handle of each spoon is made up of a full figured form of one of the girls with her name below.
ID#:  M-12-89
m81.gif (7035 bytes) Cast metal with applied patina finish on a stone base.  Measure 4-3/4" tall and the base is 5" long.
ID#:  M-65-81
m84.gif (6757 bytes) Signed Germany hand hammered bookends.   Measure 5" tall and the base is 4" long.
ID#:  M-11-84
m85.gif (6861 bytes) Unsigned Carenco Crafters Copper sailing ship bookends.  Measure 5" tall and the base is 5" long.        
ID#:  M-11-85
m86.gif (6970 bytes) Bronze Indiana head bookends by Pontiac Foundry.  Measure 4" tall and the base is 4" long.
ID#:  M-11-86

m79.gif (6695 bytes)

Cast iron doorstop in the shape of a rooster, painted black, red and gold.  There is wear to the paint on this very hard to find doorstop.  Measures 12" tall.
ID#:  M-65-79

m76.gif (6870 bytes)

Figural match holder featuring a black man carrying a basket on his back.  Made of spelter and is cold painted.  Some minor paint loss.  Measures 5" tall.
ID#:  M-95-76

m75.gif (11099 bytes)

Bradley and Hubbard cast iron desk set with Verdi Gris patination.  Consists of the Ink Stand (well liner is missing), pen rest, ink blotter, combination match holder/ashtray and letter holder.  Mark is molded into the bottom of all pieces with the exception of the ashtray.  Considerable wear to the finish on the ashtray from actual use.
ID#:  M-54-75

m72.gif (6001 bytes)

Cast aluminum footed serving bowl by Royal Hickman Co and signed by Bruce Fox.  It is in the shape of a leaf and measures 15" long.
ID#:  M-73-72

m70.gif (6329 bytes)

Silver wire Cloisonné vase measuring 6" tall.  It features beautiful pink and white roses on a pale yellow background.  It has decoration on one side only.
ID#:  M-49-70

b91picks.gif (7007 bytes)

Silver plated Nationals Co Quadruple plate toothpick.  Marked with the # 99 as well.  Front of toothpick is etched with "Picks".  Measures 2" tall. 
ID#:  M-91-64

b65bev.gif (6536 bytes)

Massive 1930's copper and brass riveted heating base beverage server.  handle and finial are carved Walnut.  Measures 19" tall.
ID#: M-65-61

b65nfi.gif (5478 bytes)

Cast iron lighted doorstop made by National Foundry and marked N>F. Inc.  This very unusual item is made in the form of a light house and measures 11-1/2" tall.  The top section lifts off to allow the insertion of a bulb.
ID#:  M-65-63

blheintz.gif (6489 bytes)

Heintz Metal Co trophy Sterling over Bronze.  A two piece loving cup trophy measuring 14" tall.  Inscribed is "The S.S. Creadon Cup, Cleveland Ice Yacht Club, Class A, 1917, won by Zero II."   An unusually large piece.
ID#:  M-L-60

Sterling handled confection server in the repose pattern.  No apparent maker's mark.  The piece measures 9" long.
ID#:  M-8-42

Sterling silver handle serving fork.  This large fork measures 9" long.
ID#:  M-8-43

Child's Sterling Silver fork and spoon set.  Handles are storks wearing glasses.  The pieces measure 4-1/2" long.  Back of handles are the back side of a stork.
ID#:  M-8-44

Victorian Sterling Silver folding scissors.  Has a chain ring allowing the piece to be worn on a chain or chatelaine.  Marked Germany.  Measures 3-3/4" long when opened.
ID#:  M-91-45

Possibly Mexican 925 Silver salt and pepper shaker set.  The motif has a Mayan influence.
ID#:  M-11-46

Sterling Silver shot glass, made in the form of a very large thimble.  Engraved with "Only a thimble full".  Monogrammed with the initials EAS.  Measures 2" high.
ID#:  M-91-47

Whiting & Davis Sterling chain mesh purse.  Has a jeweled closure.  Measures 5-1/2" long.
ID#:  M-91-50

Trench art vase made from a brass shell casing.  Features two full figured individuals.  One navy and one army.  Figures are done in relief.  Piece reads, "Nevers = France to Aileen".  Vase is 14" tall with great patina.  Please click photo to left for more detail.
ID#:  M-45H-37

Sterling Silver stamp holder.  Interior design reads "Hello Bill".  Thought to have been given out during the Taft campaign.  Outside top is monogrammed.  One side of latch is missing.  Please click photo at left to view details.
ID#:  M-55-39

Roycroft Arts & Crafts hammered copper bookends with Owl motif.  Made of rivet construction and measures 5" tall.  Please click here for mark.
ID#:  M-90-31

Pair of signed Silver Crest candle sticks.  Sterling on Bronze #1509.  Measures 10" tall.
ID#:  M-11-26

Marked Gorham set of four Sterling Silver cordials with enameled bowls.  Measures 2" high.                        
ID#:  M-55-14

Sterling punch, marked Sterling and pat'd April 6, 1909.  Measures 5-1/2" long.                                                              
ID#:  M-55-17

Sterling Silver Pipe holder or Matchbox Holder.
ID#:  M-70-19

Four Gorham Sterling cordials.  Measure 1-7/8" tall.
ID#:  M-25-3

WWII Art Military shell.  Arabic carving.  Measures 27-1/2" tall.                                                                                         
ID#:  M-49-6

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