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cp345.gif (6821 bytes) E.S. Prussia bun tray with open handles.   Features a Cavalier and two ladies with flowers.  Measures 12" x 6".   Normal wear is present.
ID#:  CP-8-345
cp351.gif (6310 bytes) Unmarked R.S. Prussia plate featuring a hanging basket with Roses hung from a green ribbon.  Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-8-351
cp352.gif (6797 bytes) Unmarked R.S. Prussia celery tray with open handles and decorated with pink and apricot Roses.  Measures 6" x 12".
ID#:  CP-91-352
cp357.gif (6206 bytes) R.S. Prussia plate featuring Lilies in shades of pink, lavender and cream.  Measures about 9" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-8-357
cp358.gif (5782 bytes) Blue marked R.S. Germany chop plate featuring pink and white flowers  and the border is made up of a green leaf garland.   Measures 12-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-358
cp359.gif (7119 bytes) Blue marked R.S. Germany bowl featuring white Roses and done in the lettuce leaf mold.  Measures about 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-359
cp360.gif (6108 bytes) Marked R.S. Germany relish featuring the cottage scene II.  The sheep herder is dressed in green and brown.  Relish is about 9-1/2" long handle to handle and is about 4" wide.
ID#:  CP-91-360
cp361.gif (6676 bytes) Unmarked R.S. Prussia shaving mug done in a snowdrop mold featuring daisy flowers.  Stands 2-1/4" tall.
ID#:  CP-8-361
cp363.gif (6017 bytes) Marked E.S. Germany Prov. Saxe plate with a pink and white rose.  Measures 8-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-363
cp364.gif (6074 bytes) Portrait vase marked Royal Saxe E.S. Germany featuring a girl wearing a wreath on her head.  Stands 6-1/4" tall and has small handles.
ID#:  CP-91-364
cp365.gif (6303 bytes) Unmarked vase featuring a portrait of Madame Le Brun.  There is wear to the gold trim and it stands 8" tall.
ID#:  CP-8-365
cp366.gif (6345 bytes) Beautiful bowl marked Prov. Saxe E.S. Germany featuring a lady in a blue top with a blue ribbon and pink rose in her hair.   The top is 6-1/2", the base is 7-1/2" in diameter and stands 1-7/8" tall.
ID#:  CP-91-366
cp321.gif (6597 bytes) R.S. Prussia three footed bowl with red mark.  Decorated with the Old Mill scene.  Measures about 6-1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-241-321
cp291.gif (6017 bytes) Divided vegetable serving bowl with portraits of Napoleon and Josephine.  It is marked Provo Saxe E.S. Germany and measures 9-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-241-291
cp294.gif (6044 bytes) RS Germany mustard pot with underplate, including lid.  Marked with green mark.  Cream and brown background with a white floral decoration.
ID#:  CP-65-294
cp266.gif (5836 bytes) Wheelock Prussia deep bowl with trees and peacock.  Measures 11" in diameter.  Has normal wear to the gold trim.
ID#:  CP-8-266
cp267.gif (7264 bytes) Unmarked RS Prussia cobalt cracker jar with portraits.  Measures approximately 7" tall, including lid.
ID#:  CP-91-267

cp248.gif (6152 bytes)

Bowl decorated with a bunch of purple and white lilies.  Marked Wheelock, Prussia.  There is wear to the gold trim on the outer edge and the bowl is 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-97-248

b65gravy.gif (6264 bytes)

RS Germany (green mark) gravy boat with underplate.  Decorated with poppies.  Tray is 6-1/2" long.
ID#:  CP-65-181

b8rsgerm.gif (6130 bytes)

RS Germany teapot, marked with the blue mark.  Decoration is white flower on a yellow and brown background.  Measures 5" tall to top of finial and is 9" long from spout to handle.
ID#:  CP-8-170

b91rsgerm.gif (6699 bytes)

RS Germany relish tray, marked with the blue mark.  Satin finish decorated with white tulips, touched with pink.   Measures 11" x 5-3/4".
ID#:  CP-91-173

b91berryset.gif (8178 bytes)

RS Prussia 7 piece berry set.   Consists of master bowl and 6 individual serving bowls.  White and pink roses with a light green background with gold trimmed beaded edge decorate this beautiful set.   There is one small flake on one individual bowl.
ID#:  CP-91-149

cp141.gif (6884 bytes)

RS Prussia cake plate, decorated with castle scene.  Background colors are brown, yellow, and lavender.  This plate measures 10" in diameter and is red marked.
ID#: CP-8-141

R.S. Prussia plate decorated with Calla Lilies mold #252.  The plate measures 8-1/2" in diameter.  Please click here for photo of mark.
ID#:  CP-44-102

RS Prussia bowl with red mark.  Bowl in a bowl with lettuce leaf edging and floral center.  Measures 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-61

Old Man In the Mountain RS Prussia celery plate, medallion mold, red mark.  Measures 12" In diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-57

RS Prussia plate with steeple mark.  Wonderful wide Gold border of Roses with Gold highlights.  It is a beauty at 10" in diameter.
ID#:  CP-91-59

R.S. Prussia tray marked with red mark.  Hanging flower basket decoration.  Measures 11-3/4" long x 7-1/4" wide.
ID#:  CP-8-33
Circle marked R.S. Prussia bowl.  Iris mold with pink and cream Mums.   No chips, cracks or repairs.
ID#: CP-90-3

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