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Rookwood Pottery
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p499.gif (8001 bytes) Ashtray - Rookwood Pottery made this swirled grey ashtray in 1953.  It measures about 6" x 6".
ID#:  P-85-499
p493.gif (6225 bytes) Vase - This Rookwood vase is dated 1916.  It is maroon and features stylized Rooks around the bottom.
ID#:  P-H-493
p483.gif (7911 bytes) Flower frog - This matte glazed rose colored flower frog is marked with the Rookwood logo and dated 1914.  It measures about 3-1/2" across.
ID#:  P-11-483
p458.gif (6647 bytes) Vase - made by Rookwood Pottery, dated 1921, marked 904D and artist signed ENL which was used by Elizabeth Neave Lincoln.  She worked for Rookwood from 1892 until 1931.  This beautiful Arts & Crafts piece measures about 9" tall.  It is decorated with 3 incised insects.
ID#:  P-91-458
p445.gif (6541 bytes) 1923 Rookwood Pottery vase artist signed KJ for Katherine Jones.  Stands 7-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-H-445
p408.gif (5977 bytes) Rookwood Pottery vase, shape No, 6762.   Unfortunately the glaze is so heavy we cannot read the date.  It does appear to have a decorator's mark and the motif is Mexican or South Western with raised cactus, donkeys and people.  Stands 5-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-54-408
p411.gif (6388 bytes) Rookwood Pottery vase, dated 1927, shape No. 1781.  Stands 6" tall.
ID#:  P-35-411
p390.gif (6417 bytes) 1922 Rookwood Pottery flower frog in the form of two nudes kneeling and holding hands.  Piece is numbered 2338 and marked Original by Chester Beach.
ID#:  P-54-390
p344.gif (6966 bytes) Rookwood Pottery ewer dated 1901 and numbered 584C.  Decorated with Christmas Mistletoe and artist signed Howard Altman.   Measures 6" tall.
ID#:  P-8-344
p345.gif (6948 bytes) Rookwood Pottery undrilled lamp base dated 1946 and numbered 6894.  Blue gloss glaze and measures 9" tall.
ID#:  P-101-345
p346.gif (6134 bytes) Rookwood Pottery bookends in the form of Elephants on a base.  Dated 1931 and numbered 2444.  Ivory glaze and measures 5" tall and 6" long.
ID#:  P-8-346
p347.gif (7322 bytes) Rookwood Pottery bookends in the form of a rook on a base.  Dated 1944 and numbered 2275.  They are blue glazed and measures 5-3/4" tall.  There is a small chip to one base on the bottom.
ID#:  P-11-347
p359.gif (6474 bytes) Rookwood Pottery vase dated 1944 and numbered 6455.  This blue high glazed vase measures 6-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-91-359
sold22.GIF (2744 bytes)
p360.gif (6650 bytes) Rookwood Pottery pin dish dated 1948 and made for Delta Theta Tau, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Features a nude reclining on the outer edge and measures 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  P-91-360

p305.gif (6563 bytes)

Artist signed Rookwood vase from.  Signed Kay Ley.  Blue stylized Iris on cream background.   Measures 6-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-8-305

Artist signed Rookwood vase from 1920.  Signed Harriett Wilcox.  Shades from gray to pink to blue.  Measures 7-1/2" tall.
ID#:  P-96-59

Rookwood Rook bookends.  Ivory in color, dated 1938.  Measures 5-1/2" tall, base is 5-1/4" wide.
ID#:  P-91-31

Rookwood Flower Frog with two nudes #2338.  Orignal model by Chester Beach, green glaze. 
ID#:  P-91-14

1923 Rookwood tri-handled vase.  Numbered 354, blue in color.  Measures 3-1/4" tall, and 3-1/4" rim to rim, not including handles.
ID#:  P-90-22

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