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s154.gif (6871 bytes) Lure - Creek Chub Ding Bat #5100.  This lure measures about 2-3/4" long.
ID#:  S-Q-154
s155.gif (6856 bytes) Lure - Big Prowler by Heddon #7075.  This lure measures 6-1/4" long.
ID#:  S-Q-155
s144.gif (7140 bytes) Painted chalk bookends for Michigan State University and marked copyright "Manette".   Some minor wear to the paint.  They measure 6" tall.  Great gift for a football fan!
ID#:  S-65-144
s123.gif (5233 bytes) Hard rubber Heddon casting weight.  Measures 2" long.                                                          
ID#:  S-Q-123
s127.gif (6014 bytes) Pflueger Wizard Wobbler lure.  Body measures 3-1/2" long.                                                     
ID#:  S-Q-127
s132.gif (6521 bytes) Heddon Meadow Mouse lure with leather tail.  Body measures 3" long.                                
ID#:  S-4-132
s133.gif (6619 bytes) Heddon Spook.  Body measures 3-1/2" long.
ID#:  S-4-133
s137.gif (6961 bytes) Creek Chub Bait Co Gar lure.  Has paint loss and crazing.  Body measures 5" long.
ID#:  S-49-137
s138.gif (6454 bytes) Pflueger Pal-O-Mine lure.  Some wear and paint loss.  Body measures 4-1/2" long.         
ID#:  S-49-138

s142.gif (7100 bytes)

Webley & Scott Ltd of London & Birmingham England glare gun.  Dated 1916 and numbered 32729.
ID#:  S-21-142

b4150.gif (3552 bytes)

Circa 1912 Heddon 150 white minnow with 5 treble hooks.  Measures 4" long.
ID#:  S-4-109

b55sandusky.gif (3213 bytes)

Sandusky O felt pennant.  Measures 27" long.
ID#:  S-55-112

b55ahs.gif (4038 bytes)

AHS felt pennant with some moth damage.  Measures 34" long.
ID#:  S-55-113

b55buffalo.gif (4237 bytes)

Buffalo felt pennant with some moth damage.  Measures 26-1/2" long.                                 
ID#:  S-55-114

bqart.gif (4264 bytes)

Heddon Dowagiac Michigan Artistic Minnow fishing lure with gold hardware.  This lure has a belly weight and measures 2-1/4" long.
ID#:  S-Q-102

bqccbco2300.gif (4984 bytes)

Creek Chub CCBCO 2300 Husky Pikie fishing lure.  Measures 7" long.
ID#:  S-Q-103

b4zippoballs.gif (5716 bytes)

Box of 3 Zippo golf balls with the original box.  The address has no zip code.  Made by Zippo Mfg. Co. of Bradford, PA.
ID#:  S-4-86

b4tony.gif (6341 bytes)

1991 Major league baseball made by Rawlings.  Features "Ton the Tiger" trademark of the Kellogg Co.   Official size and weight, marked China.  Display stand not included.
ID#:  S-4-88

b4sboreno.gif (5826 bytes)

South Bend fishing lure "Bass Oreno".  Measures 4" long and has glass eyes.  There is crazing to the paint, as well as rust on the hooks.
ID#:  S-4-92

bqbassy.gif (7121 bytes)

Outing of Elkhart Indiana lure.   "Bassy Getum".  Has a pressed metal body.
ID#:  S-Q-82

bqlurechub.gif (7127 bytes)

Creek Chub Bait Company, Garrett, IN., lure.  #2600 Pickerel Pike.
ID#:  S-Q-83

House of Harter, Michiana Chapter, A.F.S. trophy.  Tenth annual Golf Stag, 1948.  Metal top has some scratches and sits on top of a round plastic base.  Measure 21-1/2" tall.
ID#: S-4-69

United Clock Corp., clock with a golf motif.
ID#:  S-243-55

The House of David Baseball Team book, written by Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino, copyrighted 2000.  One hundred and twenty four pages, featuring numerous photographs in the original black and white format.  Almost every page has two photos.  Section in the back provides a players list.  Chronicles the pictorial history of "one of the most entertaining and remarkable barnstorming baseball teams."  Covers the history of the team from its start in 1914 until its ending in 1955.
ID#:  S-91-58

A three draw telescope used in boating, this item has the original lens cap and measures 17" when extended.
ID#:  S-95-49

1964 NCAA-TV game of the week football almanac.  Distributed by the Dodge division of the Chrysler Motors Corporation, consisting of 50 pages.
ID#:  S-55-52

Winchester number 2906 fishing lure.  Multicoloured Wobbler.
ID#:  S-21-40
Left handed wooden shaft putter.  Please click here for a photo of a close up of the head of this putter.
ID#: S-49-2

Harlem Globetrotters Silver Anniversary program from 1951-1952.
ID#:  S-55-12

University of North Carolina flag removed from Notre Dame stadium during the expansion of 1996-1997.  Comes with a certificate and auction catalog.  Flag is 10' x 5' with holes and repairs.
ID#:  S-55-15

Autographed 8 x 10 photo of legendary Notre Dame football coach, Ara Parseghian. 
ID#:  S-55-17

Chicago roller skating pin, signed Trademark reg.                                                                                  
ID#:  S-55-19

Mountain climbing pin, made in France.
ID#:  S-55-20
Golf ball lighter - good condition.
ID#: S-95-3
Rowing machine - "The Row Flex - dated 1931. 
Great condition
ID#: S-70-6

Spode Copeland mug with Golf scenes.  Cream on green in color.  Measures 7" tall.      
ID#:  S-8-8

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