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ts126.gif (6491 bytes) Campaign ribbon, features US Grant, the president and measures about 6-1/2" x 1-3/4".  It is marked Horand & Sons Manuf. Bale.  This piece is in excellent condition.
ts113.gif (5619 bytes) Embroidery floss holder - "My Color Kit" embroidery floss roll up.  This item is hand made using a canvas like material with hand embroidered decoration.  Its open measurements are 17" x 6-1/2".  It comes with about 30 skeins of 6 strand floss.
ID#:  TS-3-113
ts114.gif (6495 bytes) Indian basket - small may have been used to store sewing notions?  This sweet grass basket is decorated on the lid with felt and glass beads.  This item measures about 4" long and 3" wide.
ID#:  TS-3-114
ts115.gif (6105 bytes) Needle holder - Sunbonnet Sue" made of felt and decorated with trim.  She stands 5" tall.  
ID#:  TS-3-115
ts117.gif (5785 bytes) Needle book - "Woolworth Needle Book", this item features the image of a skyscraper and is marked made in Western Germany.  A number of the steel needles are missing.
ID#:  TS-3-117
ts118.gif (7010 bytes) Buttons on a card - Marked "made in Czecho-Slovakia" by "UltraKraft".   The card holds a dozen buttons and an original tag that reads "Theo J Hudson 50 cents Doz.".  The card measures 3-1/2" by 4-1/2".
ID#:  TS-3-118
ts119.gif (5776 bytes) Tread stand - This thread holder with pincushion is made of wood and holds 8 spools of thread.   The center pincushion is filled with bristle.  It measures about 5-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  TS-3-119
ts120.gif (6162 bytes) Emery - This silk covered emery is done in the shape of a watermelon.  It measures about 1-1/2" in diameter and stands 1-1/4" tall.
ID#:  TS-3-120
ts121.gif (6371 bytes) Emery - Silk emery made in the shape of a strawberry, the stem and other green portion is made of yarn.
ID#:  TS-3-121
ts122.gif (6045 bytes) Tape measure - This plastic figural tape measure is made in the shape of a red apple.  The tape measure is made of metal by the United Device Company.  You turn the stem to lock tape in position.  It is 2-1/4" tall.
ID#:  TS-3-122
ts124.gif (7068 bytes) Tape measure - This tin measure is decorated with the scene of "Indian Head, Franconia Notch, White Mts, N.H."   It has a well worn cloth tape and measures 1-1/2" in diameter.
ID#:  TS-3-124
ts125.gif (6589 bytes) Tape Measure - This tin painted measure is marked "Master" made in USA.  It has an applied disk with the wording "Lady's Man" and features the image of a man in formal attire.
ID#:  TS-3-125
ts97.gif (7582 bytes) Sewing gauge - Sterling with Holly on Handle.  This hem marker guides the depth of a hem.  It measures a total of 4-3/4" long.
ID#:  TS-8-97
ts98.gif (7563 bytes) Pincushion - made in the form of a Buffalo, cast metal with a cloth over straw insert.  It measures about 3" long and does have wear to the paint.
ID#:  TS-85-98
ts99.gif (6477 bytes) Pin Cushion - linen with light blue needlework design.  May be stuffed with straw or saw dust.  Measures about 6-1/2" x 6-1/2".
ID#:  TS-91-99
ts100.gif (6183 bytes) Needle holder - Northeast Indian bead work done in the shape of a purse.  Very decorative and could be hung for display on a wall.  Measures about 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" without handle.
ID#:  TS-91-100
ts101.gif (5289 bytes) Sewing bag - made by the Iroquois Indians.  Features elaborate bead work done on early velvet.  This bag measures about 6" long, not including ribbon handle.
ID#:  TS-8-101
ts102.gif (6895 bytes) Pin Cushion - early turned Walnut with a very worn velvet insert.  Measures 3" tall with a base of 3" in diameter.
ID#:  TS-85-102
ts103.gif (6759 bytes) Needle case - "Asbro Trademark Germany", it reads "Accept My Best Wishes".  It measures about 2-1/4" tall.
ID#:  TS-91-103
ts104.gif (5714 bytes) Sewing Kit - made in the form of a martini shaker.  Contains 7 miniature spools of thread.  Measures 2-1/2" tall.  A cutie.
ID#:  TS-8-104
ts105.gif (7403 bytes) Needle Holder - Carved wood, measuring 4-1/4" long.
ID#:  TS-91-105
ts106.gif (6086 bytes) Thread box - inside advertises "Brook's Soft Finish Sewing Thread", "Brook's Glace for the Wilcox & Gibb's Sewing Machine".  The lid features 3 adorable kittens.  The box measures 5" x 3-3/4" x 2".  Bottom has an original label reading "Brook's Soft Finish Thread".
ID#:  TS-91-106
ts108.gif (6970 bytes) Pin Cushion - Figural shoe.  Marked "Made in Japan".  Made of pot metal with cloth insert measuring about 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  TS-85-108
ts109.gif (6119 bytes) Pincushion - Indian made with bead work and dated 1910 under the tail.  It holds an emory ball in its beak.  It measures about 8-1/2" long from the tip of its tail to the beak.
ID#:  TS-8-109
ts112.gif (7396 bytes) Buttons - These twelve buttons are on the original card.  It is marked "The Fashion" and "Superior Quality".  Card measures 3-1/2" x 2-1/4".
ID#:  TS-85-112
ts96.gif (6914 bytes) Wooden Victorian sewing box painted black and decorated with transfer work on the lid.  It features a mirror on the inside of the lid, two interior compartments and various sewing tools.  The scissors are marked Germany.  The box measures 9-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 4".  There is some wear to the decoration on the lid do to normal use.
ID#:  TS-61-96
ts74.gif (6967 bytes) Set of eight wonderful matching glass paperweight buttons.  Tiny pink roses with green leaves decorated these beauties!   Each button is approximately 1/4" in diameter.
ID#:  TS-54-74
ts75.gif (6134 bytes) Japan pincushion half doll in the colonial style with a rose on her dress.  Measures 3-1/2" tall.
ID#:  TS-55-75
ts77.gif (7153 bytes) Ceramic pin cushion in the shape of a dog finished in gold lustre and has a black collar.  Marked "Made In Japan" and measures 4" long.
ID#:  TS-18-77
ts79.gif (5859 bytes) Pinker made by Met. Cut. Co., Crane Brand, A Florian Product.  Marked "The Perfect Pinker, USA" and has the patent number 2174222.  Measures 7" long.
ID#:  TS-69-79
ts80.gif (4993 bytes) Wooden darner with an ornate Sterling Silver handle.  Marked Sterling and Patent.  Measures approximately 6" long.
ID#:  TS-91-80
ts81.gif (7107 bytes) Pincushion in the shape of a gold washed metal high heel slipper.  Logo on front features Union Station, Chicago, marked on back J.B. and 515.  Measures 3-1/2" long.
ID#:  TS-8-81
ts84.gif (7321 bytes) Celluloid tape measures modeled in the form of a sailing ship and decorated in shades of brown.  Measures  2-1/4" long.
ID#:  TS-65-84
ts85.gif (6098 bytes) Pin cushion doll in the original cardboard box with metal lid.  Made in Japan.
ID#:  TS-91-85
ts86.gif (6345 bytes) Catalin sewing kit.  Thimble is used as the top of the carrying case which contains folding scissors and a holder for thread.   Item is marked Germany.  Measures 2" long. 
ID#:  TS-55-86
ts87.gif (6364 bytes) Collection of 9 bone crochet tools with the longest being 7" long and the shortest being 4" long.
ID#:  TS-55-87
ts88.gif (6826 bytes) Sterling thimble decorated with a floral design.  Marked with a 9 on the interior as well.
ID#:  TS-55-88
ts90.gif (6372 bytes) Tie tack, a pair of scissors, 10Kt with a diamond chip.  Tie tack measures 1-1/4" long.
ID#:  TS-55-90

ts93.gif (6770 bytes)

Indian beadwork hanging holder, mostly likely from the North East United States.  The shape is very similar to a slipper.   Measures 6" long.
ID#:  TS-91-93

Very fine needlework on silk picture of courting scene.  Framed in an early frame.  Without frame needlework measures 8" x 11".
ID#:  TS-90-68

Beaded purse with leather lining and metal frame.  Scene features birds on tree branches.  Measures 8" x 5" without handle or fringe and is in superb condition.  Please click photo at left for view of both sides.
ID#:  TS-90-69

Thimble marked Scotch Gold, probably made of Brass.
ID#:  TS-100-50

Tatting shuttle made by the Boye Needle Co., Chicago, marked "move thread less knots."  Measures 3" long. 
ID#:  TS-90-53

Black Bakelite tatting shuttle.  Measures 3-1/4" long.
ID#:  TS-25-56

Sterling thimble, marked Sterling, size 10.
ID#:  TS-55-60

Carved wooden whimsy pincushion with fabric insert.  Two wooden rings surround pedestal, turned from a single piece of wood.
ID#:  TS-8-61

Metal Mesh unsigned purse with strong colors.
ID#:  TS-96-35

Black beaded purse with crystal beads, unsigned.  Lining is good.
ID#: TS-90-37

Signed A. Voguemont Creation - Japan black beaded purse. Measures 8" x 4".
ID#:  TS-55-44

Signed Whiting & Davis metal mesh purse.                                                                                                                                                      
ID#:  TS-35-45

Made in Germany fine metal mesh purse.
ID#:  TS-8-47


Beaded purse in purple, green, grey and black beads.  Crocheted drawstring top.
ID#:  TS-90-32

Fireman's helmet marked Chief NTFD.
ID#:  TS-8-28

Ladies riding Derby.  Brown gro-grain ribbon on black hat.
ID#:  TS-35-23

Sterling Silver sewing gauge, heart shaped with a Rose motif.  Measures 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  TS-5-18

Crocodile or Alligator purse.  Good quality, small repair to handles.
ID#:  TS-55-14

Authentic black and white Snake skin purse.  Sold by Saks 5th Ave, made in Belgium.                                  
ID#:  TS-55-16

Tapestry of George Washington done by Nuns circa 1860's.  Some bead accent work to his sword, a wonderful item for any Washington collector.  Measures 35" x 45".  Some moth damage present.
ID#:  TS-5-17

Enameled mesh purse with metal frame.  Unmarked.
ID#:  TS-70-12

Signed Whiting and Davis enameled black and white mesh purse.                                                                                         
ID#:  TS-70-13
Hanky - comic child's Mutt and Jeff - a happy New Year.
ID#: TS-73-3
Hat - House of David - Benton Harbor Michigan.
ID#: TS-94-4

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