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to95.gif (8728 bytes) Scrollsaw - Seneca Falls (New York), model "Challenge", pat'd June 12, 1877.  This saw is in working order and would make a great addition to your collection.
ID#:  TO-6-95
to80.gif (6828 bytes) Chopper, made by Landers, Frary & Clark Metal Works.  This chopper has a kidney shaped blade and wooden handle.   The chopper measures 7" high.
ID#:  TO-4-80
to81.gif (7025 bytes) Nutmeg Grater C. 1880, made of metal with tin grater and two wooden handles.  This tool measures 4" high.
ID#:  TO-6-81
to82.gif (6768 bytes) Level - This stanley line level measures 3" long.  Made in U.S.A.  Screw on top may be replaced.
ID#:  TO-4-82
to83.gif (6888 bytes) Wrench - this bicycle wrench is made by Lamson and Session.  It is marked L & S Co. Cleveland.  Closed it measures 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  TO-6-83
to84.gif (7323 bytes) Wrench - this self adjusting pipe wrench is marked "Patented".  It is made by Reed.  It measures 19" long.
ID#:  TO-6-84
to86.gif (7195 bytes) Combination tool - unusual style combination cool (hammer, hatchet, wrench, etc).  This tool is unmarked and measures 13" long.
ID#:  TO-6-86
to87.gif (6973 bytes) Marking Gauge - this gauge is a No. 92 and is made of Rosewood and brass by Stanley.  It is marked also Pat. Pen'g.  It measures about 7-1/2".
ID#:  TO-6-87
to89.gif (6705 bytes) Wrench - this is a "Champion" Quick adjusting wrench that is pat. 3/15/21.  It measures about 8" long.
ID#:  TO-6-89
to93.gif (6875 bytes) Wrench - this Baxter's Improved diagonal wrench, Pat. July 17, 1883.  This wrench measures about 13-1/2" long.
ID#:  TO-6-93

b5234v6.gif (7487 bytes)

Mint in the box Stanley level model 34V6, manufactured in New Britain, Conn, USA.  Measures 6" long.
ID#:  TO-52-63

b52traveler.gif (6337 bytes)

Unmarked cast metal wheelwrights traveler with original red and black paint.  Some wear to each as would be expected.
ID#:  TO-52-65

b50spoke.gif (7337 bytes)

Bronze spoke shave in an unusual size and in good condition.  Measures 3-3/4" long.
ID#:  TO-50-71

b50marker.gif (6314 bytes)

Unmarked wood marker with wooden handle and brass ferrule.  Measures 7-1/2" long.
ID#:  TO-50-72

b50sandusky.gif (6455 bytes)

Block plane marked Sandusky Tool Co, with excellent patina.  Measures 8" long.                                              
ID#:  TO-50-73

b52sketch.gif (6588 bytes)

Circa 1906 U.S. Cavalry sketching case.   Board with rollers (6-3/4" x 7-1/2") with set screw for paper.  Came with a swiveling handle strap (now broken).  Replace padded panels in case.
ID#:  TO-52-60

Circa 1867-1890 Harvey W. Peace Vulcan Sawworks, Brooklyn New York hand saw.  Handle place is marked patent July 8, 1883.  Made for White and Wills, Chicago Illinois.
ID#:  TO-52-51

Stanley Rule and Level Company No. 35 adjustable wood plane.  Measures 10" long and 5-1/4" high.  Please click photo at left to view mark.
ID#:  TO-44-52

Rosewood and Brass handled leather draw gauge made by C.S. Osborne.
ID#:  TO-52-36

Stanley No. 6 blind nailer / chisel gauge, type I (1888-1906).  Measures 3" long.
ID#:  TO-52-39

No. 79 Sargent Duplex rabbet plane, made in USA.  Measures 10" long.
ID#:  TO-52-44

No. 60 Type 16 (WWII) Stanley plane.  Circa 1943-1946.
ID#:  TO-52-14

Pair of No. 98 and No. 99 Stanley Side Rabbets.
ID#:  TO-52-15

No. 110 Type 4a Stanley plane.  Circa 1878-1879.
ID#:  TO-52-16

No. 4-1/2 Stanley plane, like new.
ID#:  TO-52-18

Henry Disston & Sons Rule/Level.  Very difficult to find. 
ID#:  TO-52-22
Number 11 Stanley Plane.  Beltmakers plane type 1.  Circa 1869-1904.
ID#:  TO-52-2
Hide scale made by Henry Boker, Germany.  Brass and Iron.
ID#:  TO-52-10

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