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tg185.gif (5509 bytes) Circus figurines, this circus set of bisque animals and a ring master consists of a clown, ringmaster, tiger, clown on a pig, begging dog, lion, horse on a drum, giraffe and a bear on a cycle.  The ringmaster stands 2-1/2" tall.
ID#:  TG-50-185
tg189.gif (4711 bytes) Sand shovel, made by Ohio Art and numbered 159.  This features a wooden handle and a tin lithographed head.  The decoration consists of a boy and girl playing in the sand.  This shovel measures 18" long.
ID#:  TG-D-189
tg190.gif (6403 bytes) Airplane, lithograph tin friction plane is made to represent a "Pan American World Airways, Clipper Sky Chief."  It is a four engine plane with damage to one prop.   The toy is made in Japan by Alps.  The plane measures about 15" long and has a wing span of 19".  The wing is made to be removable.
ID#:  TG-49-190
tg183.gif (5924 bytes) Still bank - clown.  This cast iron clown bank measures about 6" tall and has the original paint.
ID#:  TG-90-183
tg184.gif (4815 bytes) Rocket ship - made in Hungary, this painted tin friction toy rocket stands about 15-1/2" tall.  It is marked "CCCP and Interkosmos".
ID#:  TG-73-184
tg167.gif (6740 bytes) Donald Duck - "Gym-Toys Acrobat", made by Linemar, copyright Walt Disney Productions.  This toy features Donald swinging on trapeze and comes with its original box.  The box measures 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1-3/4" and is brightly colored.
ID#:  TG-P-167
tg169.gif (6327 bytes) Motorcycle - This toy is cast iron and marked Made in USA.  The toy was made by Arcade Toy Co.  It measures 4" long and has black rubber wheels.
ID#:  TG-P-169
tg170.gif (5665 bytes) Delivery truck - 1930's, made in England and marked Tri-Ang Minic.  This truck measures 5-1/2" long.  The truck is metal and features rubber wheels.
ID#:  TG-A-170
tg171.gif (6290 bytes) Horse and Ride - A wooden windup, made in Japan, circa 1930.  This item has a patent number of 120377.  The toy stands 6-1/2" tall and about 7" long.
ID#:  TG-A-171
tg172.gif (6152 bytes) Car - A rocket racer, cast iron car, made by Hubley.  The car measures about 7" long and has its original white hard rubber wheels.
ID#:  TG-S-172
tg174.gif (6068 bytes) Tractor - this red farm tractor is marked "Lansing Slik Toys" and comes with the original driver.  The tractor is painted cast aluminum and measures 8-1/2" long and has rubber wheels.
ID#:  TG-85-174
tg175.gif (6372 bytes) Fork Lift - This toy is cast metal, plastic and rubber and comes with the original box.  It was made by R. W. Modell - West Germany.  It is a model of the Clarklift 500 - Y40D and measures 3-1/4" tall and 5" long.
ID#:  TG-85-175
tg176.gif (7317 bytes) Stove - made of cast iron and marked "545 - Champion", the oven door reads "Daisy".  This item has no moving parts and some surface rust.  It measures about 4-1/2" tall and 3-1/2" wide.
ID#:  TG-85-176
tg178.gif (6235 bytes) Car - 1920's coupe, made of cast iron by Arcade and measures 5" long and 2-3/4" tall.  It features metal wheels and is marked "Freeport Ill"  and "Arcade Mfg Co.
ID#:  TG-85-178
tg179.gif (5887 bytes) Watering can - made by Ohio Art Co.   Near mint to mint condition.  This can features a young blonde girl watering her flowers with a red heart on one side and a young boy working in a watermelon patch on the other.  This can measures 7" tall including the handle.
ID#:  TG-D-179
tg153.gif (4270 bytes) Wooden two wheel cart stained red with the stenciled word "Daisy" in black on both sides.  The wooden spoked wheels are metal rimmed and the wagon is all original, including the tongue.  It stands 6" high, 35" long and 11" wide.  This is a wonderful vintage toy.
ID#:  TG-91-153
tg155.gif (5629 bytes) International Model Aircraft LTD, England horse push toy.  Mild steel frame, rubber tires, body stuffed with wood wool.   It is in played with condition and has considerable wear damage to all four hooves.   Stands 21" tall to top of push handle, 14-1/2" long and 8-1/2" wide.
ID#:  TG-100-155
tg156.gif (5927 bytes) Arcade Toy Co cast iron Mack coal truck with hard rubber wheels and nickel plated driver and original Arcade sticker.  There is some paint loss, but is in very good condition as well as still functions properly.   Stands 4-1/2" tall, 10" long and about 5" wide.
ID#:  TG-P-156
tg157.gif (5376 bytes) Ohio Art Co painted tin drum with original paper heads and featuring children riding a carousel.  Paint is in excellent condition.  4-1/2" tall and 11" in diameter.
ID#:  TG-D-157
tg159.gif (6653 bytes) Straw filled bear on wheels with metal shoe button eyes, black stitched nose and hump on his back and he rides on iron wheels and axles. 
ID#:  TG-91-159
tg161.gif (5166 bytes) Pair of made in Japan painted bisque dressed ducks.  The feet on the female has felt to make it stand even.  Some paint loss on both.  They stand 5" tall.  Cute pair!
ID#:  TG-241-161
tg164.gif (4858 bytes) Chein Co painted tin Easter rabbit pulling a tin cart with Easter decorated wheels of eggs and rabbits.  The cart is decorated with chickens, eggs and an occasional duck.   Measures 9" long, 5" tall and 4" wide.  Great condition.
ID#:  TG-D-164
tg139.gif (6677 bytes) Hard plastic Plasco dollhouse grandfather clock with a paper clock face.  Measures 5" tall.
ID#:  TG-98-139

tg137.gif (6206 bytes)

1961 Dinky toy car #194, Bentley Coupe with original box and driver.
ID#:  TG-E-137
tg133.gif (7723 bytes) Three rare bisque Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures in the original box.  Made in Japan and imported by Geo. Borqfeldt Corporation.  Titled Mickey Minnie on Parade.  Minnie Mouse is dressed as a nurse.  Each figurine measures -1/4" tall.  Clock here to view figures.
ID#:  TG-91-133
tg131.gif (6887 bytes) Battery operated Grand PA Car made in Japan and marked T-N.   This car is in excellent condition and in perfect working order.  The lights flash and it smokes!  The original box is in excellent condition as well.
ID#:  TG-91-137
bcsteamboat.gif (4279 bytes) Unmarked cast iron steamboat painted solid gray.  Boat rides on a pair of cast wheels.  Measures 7-1/2" long.  There is rust and paint loss present.
ID#:  TG-C-123
b91donald.gif (6629 bytes) Made in Japan bisque painted bisque figurine marked copyright Walt Disney.  This duckling appears to be one of Donald Ducks nephews and measures 2" tall.  There is some paint loss as is usually the case.
ID#:  TG-91-125

bdminnie.gif (4980 bytes)

Walt E. Disney stand up wooden figure of Minnie Mouse.   Measures 3-1/2" tall and is adorable!  There is a piece of the tail missing.
ID#:  TG-D-119

b65akohnprincess.gif (6785 bytes)

Push puppet by Kohner marked "Princess Summerfall Winterspring, No. 136, copyright Robert E. Smith."   Tilts forward because string has stretched over time.  Measures 5-3/4" tall.
ID#:  TG-65A-115

b90hippo.gif (6231 bytes)

Tin lithographed mechanical bank titled "Hippo Bank".  Made in Japan by Yone.  This bank is a windup type.  
ID#:  TG-90-106

b90pig.gif (6022 bytes)

J. Chein & Co tin lithographed pig windup toy.  It does work and measures 4-3/4" tall.
ID#:  TG-90-95

bafiretruck.gif (7087 bytes)

Manoil metal construction with rubber wheels firetruck.  Some wear to the paint.  Measures 4-1/2" long.
ID#:  TG-A-96

b241luke.gif (7516 bytes)

Star Wars Luke Skywalker (In Battle Poncho) action figure.  Comes with special collectors coin.  Made by Kenner and is in original packaging.
ID#:  TG-241-98

b90bear.gif (6679 bytes)

J. Chein & Co tin lithographed windup bear toy.  It does work and measures 4" tall.
ID#:  TG-90-101

b91can.gif (9368 bytes)

Rare child's canister set in the original box.  Marked, Made in Japan.  Every piece is original and complete.  No missing or replaced lids.
ID#: TG-91-83
On Hold

b91ginny.gif (6765 bytes)

Ginny by Vogue Dolls.  She is made of hard plastic and measures 8" tall.  She is a walker and comes in a Ginny Doll box.
ID#: TG-91-84

bdsafety.gif (6750 bytes)

Safety Blocks, 209 wooden block set in the original cardboard box.  Made by Halsam Toy Company.  Blocks feature letters of the alphabet and pictures of animals and people.  Blocks measures 1-1/4" on a side.
ID#: TG-D-78

bhmickey.gif (5561 bytes)

Divided child's plate featuring Mickey Mouse and pluto.  Made by Patriot China Co, by permission from walt Disney Enterprises.  Measures 8" in diameter.
ID#: TG-H-73

bhpearl.gif (6565 bytes)

"Pearl" cast iron toy stove.  Has the four burner covers and comes with one pan.  Measures 5" W x 3-1/2" H, not including smoke vent.
ID#: TG-H-71

Circa 1933 Orphan Annie's Jig-Saw Puzzle.  The Tucker County Horse Race.  From Radio's Orphan Annie.  Puzzle comes with original insert and mailing box.  Measures 12-1/2" x 9". 
ID#:  TG-95-64

Wind-up Jazzbo Jim "The Dancer on the Roof", copyright by HAM Co, 1921, The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation.  Measures 10" tall.
ID#:  TG-243-60

Lehmann tin wind-up, bulky mule, made in Germany.  Has the original hat and tassel.  Measures 7" long.
ID#:  TG-243-47

M-10 Original windup cat toy.  Made in Western Germany.  Original box.
ID#:  TG-64-29

Alps mechanical windup toy.  Terrier with ball.  Made in Japan. Original box.
ID#:  TG-64-30

1950's - 1960's Breyer Family Arab Mare.  Glossy Bay with white eyes.  Rare variation.
ID#:  TG-33-25

1960's Breyer Proud Arab Mare.  Glossy Alabaster.  Discontinued.
ID#:  TG-33-26

Steiff Duck, small button.  Measures 6" tall.
ID#:  TG-90-27

Mint in Box 1979 Die cast metal toy Coca-Cola delivery truck. 
ID#:  TG-49-21

Britains Soldiers, Regiments of all Nations, W Britain, Royal Marines.  No. 35.
ID#:  TG-49-22

Kenton Overland Circus Wagon.
ID#:  TG-49-17

Gene Autry wrist watch, Swiss made, with original straps, works.  On the back it states, "Always your pal Gene Autry".  Some wear.
ID#:  TG-101-14

1977 costume of Darth Vader from Star Wars.  Ben Cooper.  Size 6-12.  Original box, cape with hood with plastic mask.
ID #:  TG-77-4

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